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Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - my course

My name is Bianca, I am a student registered at damelin correspondence, student number 441414. I registered end of march and thereafter told to pay for the june exams which was R450 per module which I had paid (R1350). Through the duration of these months I sent emails requesting my exam timetable, to which no one had replied to my emails. In the middle of June a friend of mine knew someone in damelin who knew a person in the IT Department, he then requested my student number and sent me a timetable to my amazement I had already missed all three exams I had paid for and still no one had replied to my emails or took my calls. It is now the 25th of June and I request a full refund of the fees I have paid including my registration fee of R3000, monthly debits and exam fees, has damelin has in no way helped me or aided my studies. I now need my money to apply to another educational institution only to find an email this morning that they will still debit me until they resolve the matter, which I have brought to their attention 2 weeks ago, and they state that they have the right to retain all the money I have paid to them


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - bad customer service

I have repeated call about the omitted internal exam mark for one of my sons subjects as he needed the statement of results for his external exam registration to write second semester exams. It is over a month since the results were released and since I raised this issue. It is totally unaccepted. It is not the first time that damelin has failed with their connunication.

I need this to be sorted asap.

Student number 426868.


Mrs S.Naidoo


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - cancellation

I had registered with Damelin in 2015 then i had financial and other issues so i sent an email to deregister in 2016 and also spoke to somebody there. As of today i'm still sending emails and getting...

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Jun 05, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - nothing goes right ever!!

since I have registered with Damelin, I receive good service from all agents well 98% of them that I speak to help me. the problem however is why do I need to phone you all of the time to get my results or my exam guidance letters ( which I have not gotten this year) I paid for exams and only got confirmation a week before the exams after phoning and an amazing agent sorting it out for me.

If I owe you guys money you hound me and when I phone it takes forever or when someone answers they put you on hold and hang up or wait for you to hang up (I know they answered because before they did this I heard agents talking) this is a re-occurring thing ( do you not do QA on your agents?)

regardless I am paying for a service I would like this fixed I do not want to have to hound you for my results or my confirmation for exam registration.

Please fix this service is terrible and even your websites they say student portal and the other student sites are under repair this is my second year and they are still not working.

May 29, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - no exam confirmation letter received for june examinations

Good day, If I had to complain about everything that is wrong with Damelin, this site will probably not be able to contain it.

I have registered with this pathetic institution on 31 December 2018, was sold dreams by Xoliswa in Durban. I paid my deposit 2 days later after her pestering me to do so. After paying my fees … radio silence! Yes, all they do is take your money and do not provide any sort of service.

After NUMEROUS calls in January and February about my study material, I only ended up getting my study material at the beginning of March! And worse, it was only half of the material. The balance of the material came about a week later.

I noted that my assignments needed to be submitted by 29 March 2019. I submitted all my assignments timeously and noted that exam registrations for June exams open on 3 April 2019.

I then sent off my application on 4 April 2019 in accordance with their requirements. And again... radio silence!

I continuously call to follow up on my confirmation letter and get pushed from pillar to post.

I was informed that my application was loaded on their spreadsheet and advised that I am scheduled to write on 7 June 2019 and 10 June 2019.

I have a full time job and in order to apply for study leave, I have to attach the confirmation letter that this stupid institution fails to provide.

This is causing me distress and I am unable to apply for leave and do not know where I even write.


this college is worse that hell, you will keep on calling without no answer, and they don't really care about their students, we submits assignments they do not reply if they have received them or not, no exam confirmation letters are emailed to their students actually after you have paid your funds they don't give a damn about you, so i will like to get my refunds of R24000. i have asked for an extension to study i have emailed the letter several times to date i have not been responded, i wouldn't be surprised if it was owned by indians, so please if i need to get my refund what steps do i need to take, i have missed my exams twice,


Hi same story with me. No assignments results, no june exams confirmation letter n no time table. All contacts i made telephinically n also visiting the branch in east london have all been in vain. I applied for course cancellation now so i can go somewhere else to register my course. Xoliswa who also registered me in december 2018 is no where to be found. On the other hand they keep taking the installment money. Damelin only calls when they want to confirm payment n u cant ask them nothing they can answer.

This was the waste of my six month of study time n have disturbed my carrier plans. I will sue this institution if i get a chance to.

I am also a student of damelin correspondence and after calling every single number I could find for them I managed to find out that Damelin is now closed and has been taken over by Intec College. A large amount of staff have been retrenched hence this is the reason why I have been unable to contact them for 2 weeks.

Hi there, did you get any feedback?

I am currently pestering the sales department to get me to speak to ANYONE in management that actually answers their phone. So far, I have got Felix's number which is [protected]. As usual no answer.


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - lost records

Good day, I lost all my study records in the storm we had just over a year ago. I contacted Damelin but was told they do not have any record of my Diploma or other certificates I received. I am currently unemployed and job hunting and therefore need copies of my qualifications urgently. I was told Damelin was taken over and during that process some records were misplaced. Is there any way Damelin can retrieve my info. I unfortunately don't have my student number. ButI do have thevyear of study and ID number. Please help.
I can be reached at shanny.[protected]@gmail.com

May 24, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - revolting institution in south africa

I could spend an hour writing about all the issues I have had with Damelin in South Africa. The crux of the matter is that you do not get given crucial information out of them:
There is never an answer to their help line.
They send only generic apologies in emails until you have begged and pleased many times.
Their online assistance cannot assist with anything and all the seeming automated response says is phone client services.
Their online portal is useless.
The only phone that is answered is new sales.

I think I am writing an exam on the 6th of June, but I don't know if I am looking at the correct course code. I do not know where I am writing. I do not know if I am even successfully registered.
I paid for books and never received them.

I really really have begun to hate my course because of this. I dont know what to do, I so badly wanted to cancel but from the reviews I have read you dont get your money back even if you are promised that you will.

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - student number 441570

Paid my fees in full when I registered. The student advisor told me to use my ID number as a reference because she couldn't give me my student number until I paid for the course, that was in February. Damelin has been sending me notices that my fees are outstanding. I've emailed the receipts to about 5 different people for months now and they still haven't rectified my financial records. I have not received my exam timetable or assignment results and it's already 22 May 2019. Yes I submitted my exam application and paid for the exams. According to Damelin I was supposed to receive my exam timetable on 3 May 2019 and exams starts from around 4 June to 14 June. How will I be able to request for study leave for my exam without proper notice? And when do I start preparing for exams without feedback for the assignments and without my exam timetable?

I am also a student of damelin correspondence and after calling every single number I could find for them I managed to find out that Damelin is now closed and has been taken over by Intec College. A large amount of staff have been retrenched hence this is the reason why I have been unable to contact them for 2 weeks.

I hope this helps you

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - 438638-no confirmation letter for exam

I am due to write an External exam next week Tuesday 28 May. I submitted my exam entry form with proof of payment on the 10th of April as this was the last day to submit the form. I have been phoning since last week Friday 17 May to get a confirmation of my exam as I am travelling from Grahamstown to Port Elizabeth to write. I spoke to Sibusiso on Friday 10 May who told me that he has over 600 confirmation letters and he has to physically go through them and he will contact me. I spoke to Warren on 14 May who told me to forward the email I sent on the 10th of April with my form to register to him and he will follow up with the relevant department. I reminded Warren Dhelmini again on the 15th of May with an email. I sent another emai to [protected]@icg.edu.za on the 16th of May and a Luche Stevens responded on the 17th of May saying that I was asked to send the exam entry form. I forwarded my exam entry form to Luche agin on the 17th of May. Today (22 May) I spoke to Sibusiso Sikhundla again asking me to forward my exam form to him and to remind him aging tomorrow (23 May ) again so he can follow up with the exam department. The Cherry on the cake is that i am writing on the 28th of May!

May 22, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - results

Student number:433039- can i get my EXAM RESULTS FROM 2017 because I don't know what is going on .i emailed assignments to this email still they say they have not received them for 2018Yolanda.[protected]@dcc.edu.za.Am frustrated I don't know how far i am or which subject to register for. Please assist. Called Anthea on 2019/03/08 with the reference number CAS-68520-R2C6-G9 but still waiting and every time we call our query don't get resolved my results from 2017 are still not fixed they still show assignment not submitted after submitting them several times and there is no communication from Damelin there is one way communication not two ways. The student portal is not user friendly I cant reset the password I emailed on 2019/03/08 so that I can be assisted, I received an email on 2019/04/23 asking if the query was resolved from Chris Lombard, I replied back saying it is not resolve but I never received any feedback after that .

May 20, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - refund!!!

Disgusted with the customer service. Been emailing constantly. Phoning numerous of times and no answer or dropped calls. No one is simply getting back to me regarding my refund but money is still getting deducted after my cancellation in the beginning of March. Absolutely disappointed and will not ever come back nor refer them. Rouges is not even the word to describe them.


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - results

I'm highly disappointed at the college. I got my December results which stated that I failed a subject because I did not write it which was not true ask them about it they checked and found my script and signature that I wrote. But then they checked in the system it say I did no pass my Dp of which I don't understand how is it possible for me to write finals without a Dp mark and also told me that my assignments where not handed which is not true. I have been going up and down wasting transport money and the assessment centre is not eager to help me every time I go there the lady is always busy and send me up and down

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - studying business management and have no results for 2018

I am deeply disappointed and unsatisfied with the service I'm receiving from damelin.

When I registered for the course, Isabella Mbokane told me that I was getting a discount if I paid for the course in advance. After I did so, I had to pay for the exam fees. When I asked her why I have to pay for each exam, she said that the price did not cover the exam fees due to the cheaper price. So I asked her how is it a discount if I still have to pay so much for the exam? Thereafter, She ignored my emails.

Thereafter, upon receiving my statement of results, I queried about my assignment results in September 2018 because it reflected 0 when I submitted my assignments on time. Prior to this, I contacted students services for my assignment results since March 2018 but did not receive any help yet. I have written 3 exams last year and submitted assignments for them, but have not received a valid statements of results yet. I have contacted Reon van de Westhuizen, Yolanda Monaisa, and the student services via email and telephonically on numerous occasions. But I received NOTHING from them since 2018!

I have contacted Sibusiso Sikhundla (student advisor) on the 13/05/2019. He promised that my results will be sent by the end of that day but I have received nothing. When I asked him who do I contact if I don't get it, he insisted that I will get it today and did not give me an alternate option.

I have not received any feedback from anyone at damelin regarding last year's results. When I requested the email address for cancelations, the advisor gave me the wrong address. I still don't have the correct email address.


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - study materials and lack of accountability

Good Day, my name is Limakatso student number 441369, not sure if I can use this as this is the only thing that connects me to DCC. Since submitting my forms on 11 Feb then receiving the student...

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Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - complaint for not receiving refund

I have send through all relevant information and documentation for my refund on 10 Nov'2018 and received confirmation from Mickaylah Alexander (Student consultant) on 12 Nov'2018 that all documents was in order and that my refund will be paid within 90 working days. However 90 working days was on 22 March 2019, and I still did not receive my refund.

I have send numerous emails and to Michaylah to [protected]@dcc.edu.za and Raquel Lawrence [protected]@dcc.edu.za without any success. I have also called [protected]) numerous time without any success. They either don't answer the phone or put you on hold for 30min at a time.

Student number 438764


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - result


I have contacted the college numerous times regarding my results not being released. I have written 4 subjects in June 2018 and they only released 3 subjects I have called like a hundred times sent emails and no one has come back to me with my result or why this is not being released.

I just received my November results and again I wrote 4 got results for 3 with 2 not including my assignment results, and again I have asked many times for help in this regards.

I have also asked for marked assignments so I can try and improve my marks and again NO ANSWER!

I try calling and every time they say I need to talk to student services transfers me and the phone is hung up.

my student number is 431907 and I am really frustrated with the college as they want money immediately and when you have paid everything you no longer hear from any one and they don't want to help this is really frustrating.

Mar 27, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - results are not accurate

am not happy with the service that am receiving am currently studying HRM with Damelin, student no 434061 and my company is the one that is paying for my fees and I feel like my assignment and exams papers are not marked correctly and I submit all my assignment however I don't get correct marks on the statement and also the outcome of my assignment and I have outstanding results that are different on all the statement results that I receive. I am not satisfied at all.

please assist because we don't even get tutors to assist as we are on distance learning.

Mar 26, 2019

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - bad service and reluctance to assist

Marlize Luddick student nr 438989. I came here in a desperate attempt to get assisted. I have started my HR diploma through DCC. I wrote my exams and after a long battle I got my results. One of my results was a 30%. Seeing that DCC previously sent another student's assignment attached to my student cover back to me, asking me to conplete the cover, I assumed that it was the same mistake again. After phonong multiple times and struggling for months trying to get them to send me the script and how it was marked and moderated, I decided it was simply not worth the money I am wasting by trying to study through them. I then decided to cancel my registration. After being told I need to fill out a form and write a reason for cancellation, which I did, I was told it will take 2 to 3 weeks. That was 2 months ago. I tried to phone and when I do get through the person didnt know anything helpful and told me to send it again, which I did. I tried phoning again, emailing etc and never getting anywhere or the phone simply going unanswered or being put down in my ear. I am truly at my witts end.

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - unprofessional service

My son is a 2nd year graphic design student at the mowbray branch. Since day 1 when we registered him we had problems. The student advisor completely hopeless, had to wait for how long for his student card and when he eventually got it they didnt want to give it to him cause according to the accounts department he's never paid fees. Even though his fees was up to date. No debit order was loaded as per my instruction. This year the same thing, only debit order was loaded late but to another student number. Damelin is quick to ask for the deposits and registration fees to be paid but if we as parents ask for service they either dont get back to you or days or sometimes weeks later. I am so over this college and its not as if they cheap. Please get your house in order because I have read a lot of bad publicity on this platform. Train your student advisors to do their jobs properly especially in the accounts department. I have only had person tamsyn clarke in mowbray who has always been of assistance.


Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] - zero support

Enrolled waited over 2 weeks to any form of acceptance by Damelin correspondence.

Begged for my student card, didn't know how to go about getting all study material.
Received student card with details loaded incorrectly.

After enrolling, I have to date [2 months] not been able to get any student advisor support.
The phone numbers ring and go dead, or the phones are answered and just put down.

Reception at this office doesn't wish to help she just puts the phone down.

Management doesn't answer emails.

Voice messages are not answered.

Online enquiries are not replied too.

I have tried every day since I enrolled to get some sort of answers from Damelin on how to proceed with my studies, when I need to come in for my controlled tests.

No one will get back to me.

I have also not been allocated a student advisor as a direct support contact.

How does a student manage to pass via correspondence with zero assistance?

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