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J Aug 06, 2018

I was in a lot of pain because I walked all over the Dollar Store to get groceries. They have one motorized cart and it was not available. I have neuropathy and back issues that were aggravated because I walked too much. I went to CVS in Piedmont, Al, to fill a pain medicine RX which was dated a couple of months ago because I did not feel like going to Jacksonville WalMart where I usually fill my medicine. I asked the clerk how much the medicine cost. Usually it takes a clerk only a few minutes to check the price. I waited about 20 minutes standing with my cane. I was in major pain and was shifting from leg to leg to try to ease the pain in my legs. I got the impression that they had decided that I was a drug addict. I am NOT. If I was a drug addict I would have filled the RX as soon as I got it, not two months later.The pharmacist told me he could not fill my RX unless he filled ALL of my meds. I use mail order for my meds because it is much cheaper. I am on a fixed income. The pharmacist and clerk kept exchanging looks about me. The pharmacist then came to the counter and THREW my RX and insurance card on the counter and hatefully said "I can't fill your prescription." I was and still am very upset at his attitude. I will not go into another CVS store.
(I don't know who the pharmacist or clerk were but it was in the evening)

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