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The owner Maureen is a master manipulator. I have a friend who had just joined and thought maybe I might like it. I went in on a despite already being concerned about their sucky hours. My introduction was only alright (I am not that out of shape, because I exercise regularly). I voiced the following concerns to the owner (who then seemed pleasant and honest) who happened to be my salesperson that day:

1. Cost (I was not sure that it was for me so I wanted to audition them for an extended time without a year commitment)
2. transferability (there is another curves location quite close to my work)
3. Intensity of the workout.

The owner's responses to my concerns:
1. Prices/promotions were standardized corporate wide
2. I could go all I wanted to the other location
3. I could come in again on Monday and I'd be shown how to work out intensly (why wasn't I shown properly the first time)

After the Monday session (I decided to join). I signed up for $99 membership and 59$ month to month. I was told that. this was the most cost effective way I could join without the year commitment ($650 Can for the year). My initial bill was 165.90 for one month. I decided to visit the other location on Tuesday and it was true that there was not any transferability issue. However, while presenting my receipt to the staff there, they seemed surprised. While working out there, I noticed that this location had signs promoting a 120 + tax for 2 month membership. WHAT? Finally, I reach someone by phone at the location I had signed up at. The person on the phone plainly told me that she wasn't aware of the promotion but did find it eventually. I told her that I wanted my membership converted to the 2 month cheaper one and she told me that it probably wouldn't be an issue since I only joined 5 day before and there was a no obligation 10 day cancellation, but I needed to talk to the owner and she would let the owner know. GREAT! I went in on the Saturday to work out and met up with the owner. She flat out told me 'No' I couldn’t have the promotion I wanted because I already signed up for the 1 month one. GREEDY! When I told that I would then like to simply cancel my membership. She told me that there was no refunds. MORE GREED! I then told her that I was aware of the 10 cancellation and (since this was only the 6th day) I was really going to insist on the cancellation. She started then telling me that she would then give me the 2 month deal. No deal! I could now see that she was liar and a manipulator. She then refused to acknowledge my cancellation notice which I luckily prepared in advance. She refused to re-credit my credit card. There were several other lies she said trying to give me the run around (she would send me a check via mail). Credit card transactions could be reversed. She tried several time to get me out of her facility, calling her lawyer and probably would have called the police to have me force removed had she no being so obviously in the wrong (I wanted her to call the police so I would get them to arbitrate and document the incident unbiased. What an ordeal for me, 2 hours of stress, being yelled at and being called names. She even threatened to come to my house and refused to remove my personal information from her computer. She even called me after the incident to try to harass me some more. In the end, She HAD to cut me a check for pick up the next day because another member intervened and she was clearly losing face. Lesson learn is:

Don’t be a victim. Read what you are signing carefully.
Don't believe the salesperson. They lie.
Protect yourself and put everything in writing.
Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when in the land of vultures.
Most importantly-Make the decision to remain a member a few days before you cancellation grace period ends. If there's any doubt, cancel anyway.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 28, 2013 12:02 pm
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I have been a member at Curves High Park. My experience was the following:

does the job but, for the $ you will pay, not a very motivating environment, their rules are rigid, some staff are fine at High Park/Dundas west location but others are inflexible, making for inconsistent service and experience; i have overheard staff and customers arguing (whether or not the customer is right, I would not expect staff to be arguing with a customer infront of other customers; doesn't reflect well on their brand); workouts and equipment are dated so, don't maintain interest in the long run.

Aug 28, 2009 8:55 am

This is in response to "Luck to Escape", the woman who wrote about her experience with Curves High Park last december. I have been a member of this particular club since it opened in February 2003. During hundreds of workouts over the years, I have seen and overheard numerous presentations to women who are interested in joining. I have always thought the staff to be courteous and supportive of the physical and health needs of women who come into the club, both members and prospective members.

What is ironic, is that after reading the review of "Lucky to Escape", I was under the strong impression that that I was actually working out the day that she went into the gym to express her concerns regrading her membership. All i can say is that the wording in the complaint and the words I recall hearing that day are very similar. Why would I remember? Because the woman that came into the club acted in a very irrational manner. She was ranting, pacing back and forth and would not allow the staff to speak. She continued to shout throughout her visit in an obvious attempt to draw attention to herself and her complaint. Finally, she left. We all silently looked at one another, somewhat in bewilderment. I do not know the outcome, but I can say that the staff was respectful to her during the time she was in the club and after she left.

I'm not suggesting that her complain was not legitimate, however, it should be known that Curves has been a wonderful haven to many of us for the past six-and-a-half years. I would not want anyone to be dissuaded from checking out the gym based on the comments made above.

Mar 21, 2009 5:33 am

Blind Justice of WynnFitness Club (Keele St)

I m member of Wynn fitness club and when I come to register myself they give me the membership info and I m satisfied for that its only $41.94 every month, so I don't mind that.I m satisfied with this amount.

But, the other information about the nutritionist and personal training was not that clear it should be, being a new member you are not aware of allot of things and rules, it’s the duty of the person to explain all the points before get signature in the agreement. In agreement you will see.

1- They charge me for 32 sessions with Personal trainer= $73.50

2-They charge me for 4 sessions with nutritionist =$52.50

$73.50 + $ 52.50 = $126.00.

So, the total will b per month =$126.00 per month.

but when I get the bill its was $213.51 that’s give me a big shock and then I check my agreement its says in payment schedule $ 213.51 (but there is no explanation how come its $213.51 instead of $126.00 per month it was so confusing).

The manager didn't give me enough information about the payments, he just fill out the application and took my signature, after one month when the payment deducted by my account through my credit card, then I was shocked it was quite a lot and out from my budget too.

I m not able to pay &213.51 + $41.94 =$254.94 every month this is quite a lot. I run my family too and their expenses, now I m so depressed and confused, that with kids and family I cant manage this amount for myself only, (My wife is also the member of gym and she pay the gym payment too)If I calculate her charges with me its become almost $350 every moth which is quite a lot for a family.

Because its totally wrong by the person who didn't provide me the actual information about the payments, I m not that stupid to know my budget and sign the contract which is exceed to my limits, because I have to maintain my budget too, and deal with my family life too.

I speak to one of the manager on phone and he was very uncooperative and rude behavior and he was just saying "you sign the contract", "you sign the contract" you have to pay everything for one year, he even didn't understand my financial problem. He also harass me and threat me that if you will not pay this amount "we gona sou you", this is very unprofessional attitude. This is not the solution of problem.

Anyway, I went to the gym speak to someone and what she did is, split my amount in to $150 every month and for more then one year this is not the solution which I want...

Now, to be very honest with you I m not able to pay such amount due to out of budget, I still have sessions with personal Trainer, I want to cancel all of them the nutritionist and trainer. But I do pay him for the sessions he provide me till now this is his right. But want no more training but they don't cancel my trainings too they said you sign the contract you have to pay of full for training sessions why I pay for the training sessions which I didn't had with trainer. I m also not satisfied with their services which is very unsatisfactory, they are very uncorporative.They are very unfriendly they have alot of attitude.I can adjust in this kind of enviroment too. They are very expensive in rates as compare to other gyms too and they have not even proper things like there is no steam rooms, not enough shower rooms only 2, and not enough wash rooms. Their behaviour and services are very unsatisfactory. So, I don't wana go there anymore even I'll not use thar gym anymore due to bad attidtude.

Now I have no job, due to economic crisis and too much bills to pay, Pls advice me what I can do, Because due to poor financial condition I can't pay this amount every month and Pls I will appreciate if u will help me out from this condition and understand my financial situation too.

Looking forward for ur kind responce.

Thanks for review my mail.


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