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Coverplan ref: [protected]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with regret that I have so resort to these measures to complain. Copies of this letter has been forwarded to Coverplan, Currys head office, Watchdog and small claims court/solicitor.

I purchased a 36” Sony T.V, DVD and VCR from Currys store at the Capital Centre, Preston on 22/3/2004. Upon purchasing the items we agreed to insure them with Coverplan at your recommendation . This cost an extra £419.00 for the T.V, and £25.00 each for the VCR/DVD for 5 years cover.

At around Christmas time 2008, the T.V showed outlines around people and started flashing different colours. We persevered with it until the picture was annoying to watch, and decided to claim under the Coverplan agreement as we had never claimed before.

May I point out that from Christmas 2008 my partner has been housebound since an accident at work and operation and has not left the house. May I also point out that we have an answerphone on permanently.
May I also add that I am registered disabled with Meniers disease and cannot go out, so the T.V is the only pleasure I have.

Here is the record of utter disaster that followed:

26/2/09 – Phoned Coverplan to log repair.

2/3/09- Engineer promptly arrived (impressed upto now!). He told us that the tube was going and would have to see if the parts where available.

5/3/09- Phoned repair company to see what was happening. They said that we where not even on their system as the engineer hadn’t yet logged it. We were told to phone early next week.

6/3/09-phoned Coverplan to see if they knew anything. Was told “don’t worry Mrs Turner, the engineers will phone you when they have some news.

10/3/09- phoned engineers who said that we where on the system and they where trying to find a part.

11/3/09-phoned Coverpaln who told me that if the repair was not complete in 21 days after the engineer had called, we could raise the 21 day rule ie/ send vouchers for a replacement. Spoke to a lady called Alison.

12/3/09-phoned engineers who told me they where ordering the part and it would arrive in hopefully 7-10 days.

16/3/09-Phoned Coverplan again to see if they knew anything and they said again about raising the 21 day rule (lady called Devica).

18/3/09-Phoned Coverplan again and spoke to a lady called Jessica who said again about the 21 day rule and said “no need to contact us again – wait for the engineers to contact you. She even gave me the 23/3/09 as the 21 day rule was up.

23/3/09- Waited until close of business and then phoned Coverplan to raise the 21 day rule. The lady said she was processing it as we speak. That the 21 day rule was now raised and we would get vouchers for the television. I said thankyou at last’s its’ resolved.

24/3/09-My partner was in the bath and couldn’t get to the phone. When he came downstairs there was a message from the engineers to ask to come to take the T.V away. He rang them back and said to the lady – I have raised the 21 day rule with the insurance. She said we have tried to contact you. My partner said “ no you haven’t because I have been here 24/7 and in anyway we have an answerphone. How come you rang me the day after the 21 day rule was raised. She said we must have dialed the wrong number. My partner said itn;t it funny, you can manage to dial the right number AFTER the 21 day rule has been raised. She said because the rule had been raised she would close the case for repair. My partner said do you contact the insurance company now. She said no, we don’t, you do.

24/3/09-Phoned Coverplan who said 21 day rule was being processed and voucher would arrive shortly.

30/3/09-Phoned Coverplan as we hadn’t heard anything and was told our policy was 6 week rule and that we couldn’t claim until 6 weeks was up. Obviously we where upset that 4 people had told us about the 21 day rule at Coverplan and it had actually been processed.! We where referred to a gentleman (supervisor) called Bob. He listened sympathetically to our tale and referred us to a manager called John. After relaying the story umpteen times we repeated it again. John was adamant that we had to wait 6 weeks. We asked about the repair and he said he would instigate a new job for a repair and the engineers would be in touch. He also said that the 6 week rule stood and that if we hadn’t heard anything by 8/4/09 we could log a claim under the 6 week rule.
We waited for the engineers call…………………..


8/4/09- Phoned Coverplan to log 6 week rule and spoke to numerous people and eventually got through to a supervisor called Ash. He informed me that the job was closed and had not been re-opened. He said that the engineers had told him that they had tried to contact us on a few occasions. He also said that we had avoided the engineers phone calls! RUBBISH.

I can get access to my Sky phone records to prove how long I was on the phone to Coverplan, the Engineers etc. I am also contacting sky to see if I can have any record that shows who has dialled me…just to prove that we are telling the truth.

This matter is not laid to rest, nor can you close a case without it being resolved or even informing me!

I will take this all the way to prove my innocence. How can a large chain store sell insurance that is not valid.

This matter will not stop until it is resolved.

Awaiting your prompt reply.
Yours sincerely

Susan Wendy Turner


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 22, 2012 7:45 am EDT

We have been waiting for a part (small door catch) since September 2011 they promise each month that it will be with us but still waiting we have contacted e-mailed telephoned still we cannot get our part

Mr & Mrs Dunlea

Jun 22, 2016 4:11 am EDT

21/11/10 i had integral dishwasher fitted into my kitchen old one removed and taken away on removing old dishwasher a large piece of worktop laminate was broken off. Installers tried to hide this by replacing the broken piece and scarparing before being found out . 28/11/10 letter send with photos to complaints dept as instructed to date(29/12/10 i have had no acknowledgement whatsoever. I want this matter resolved asap. the product is satisfactory so far but that is not the issue here. i would like someone to contact me asap so this matter can be resolved.

Jun 22, 2016 4:10 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Currys will not honour nothing... They think they Know everything Inc The Law. The Customer Service Manager is so Polite he threw my disability in my face, never read my emails but SKimmed over them & then decided to Quote me! Consequently looking like the D**K H**D he is. wken l proved he had quoted me wrong he did not apologise Instead he said l Could reply to the email he sent me but l may not get a reply! copout. lve had mytv for 2 yrs £400 & Its bleeding plus It has got Solid green & red lines.. The first Call was followed up by a letter dated 6th August? l never complained till the 1St of Sept. So when he quoted me l said to him about this and he said It must be a typing error.. so when he quoted Me l Said "Typing error" Silence.. He quoted a Law to me so i mentioned the 1893 SOG & despite the 1974 & all the others no law is ever terminated added to or tweaked but not abolished... He told me then that the 1974 was Squashed but reinstated later! NUTTER. You do have 6 years to back 5 yrs in Scotland. You do not have to get an engineer & your Stat Rights over rule any warrenty/garantee even when they run out and you do not have to have anything to do with the manufacturer they have to stand there for 6 7 8 9 years not you! They claim from them and Loose Nothing only customers ;-) they think euerybody is Stupid. they and Others Should remember that without PEOPLE they would Not have a dime.. Anyway l told him i am going to Hamal hampstead HO & l will because they want to take my tv for 5/6 wks (im housebound) & nobody in my family has a tv i can borrow so Mr CURRYS SAID "HAVE YOU GOT A RADlO" ?! PS:; When he replyed to my email he Said "THE 1993 Sog law" Who mentioned 1993 ? thats how Important your Correspondence IS to them. Now i must dash to OFT/OFCOM (due to the radio ofcom isaGlso an option ;-)
Good Luck.. DQ

Sep 12, 2015 9:18 am EDT

Just taken the third hoover vacuum back to currys under warranty. The staff laughed about the amount of times this has happened. Had to spend an extra 90 pound for a vax.

Apr 14, 2009 6:35 pm EDT

take them to court. poor service!


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