Cuisinart / 4 cup mini prep plus

United States

I was surprised to see, in the bottom of the blade unit, where the unit sits onto the machine, there is a hole (for secure attachment of the blade unit) where food/grime accumulates and does not get clean during the washing process.
I have 2 machines. Both units have the same issue. The hole must be cleaned using toothpick with cleansing powder.
Design of machine blade [portion of unit] is flawed or cleaning tool must be designed and enclosed with machine. Bacteria accumulation is obvious and will be transmitted from food to next food processed.
Please see photos. The one with whitest photos is after cleaning.Last photo is of the 2 blade units.
This is pretty creepy and disgusting when considering making baby food with this product, but even daily meals is not appetizing.
Can such a cleaning tool be designed and fabricated soon? Is one available?


Apr 15, 2019

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