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Purchased a set of Cuisinart non-stick hard anodized cookware on Dec 9, 2019 from a big box store and registered the product the next day per instructions. After using the large saucepan a few days later, we noticed an area of the pan where the "finish" was missing. We contacted customer service via phone and the agent could not locate the model # of the pan that was located on the bottom of the pan. We were told to send an email to customer service with pictures of the damaged area plus the model information on the bottom of the pan. We did receive an email from a rep a few days later wanting us to send pictures of the damage and model information which we had already done. In another email about a week later, the rep said she could not locate the pictures we had previously sent but would replace the pan based on the information we provided in the first email. She gave us an order # and said the replacement would arrive in 7-10 days. Two weeks later, I emailed the rep indicating the we had not received the replacement. She checked and said that it was still in the warehouse and please allow another 7-10 days. Two weeks later we contacted her again and this time she said the pan could not be shipped due to year end inventory. Please allow another 7-10 days. Two weeks later I contacted customer service by phone and spoke with another agent and a supervisor who provided a UPS tracking #. The pan supposedly would be shipped in a day or so. A week later, I contacted customer service again telling them that UPS tracking indicated that the tracking # was not valid. I told them at that point that I would be submitting a complaint to the state attorney general office if we did not see some shipping within 24 hours. Voila! Package is now shipped.


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    Alan Smolar Feb 02, 2020

    I have been using your products for years and have always been satisfied with their performance. It is unusual for me to be contacting any company with complaints or inquiries, but I feel that this issue is worth pursuing. I purchased two (2) pans at Bed Bath and Beyond approximately 2 years ago; an 8 inch skillet model number 68122-20 and a 10 inch skillet model number 68122-24. Just to mention, my background is in food service sales and a restaurant owner of 2 establishments, so cooking and food preparation is a part of my DNA. These skillets for some reason are pitting and appear to be cracking. There are some minor scratches through extended use, but the small pits and cracking are my concern and I feel should not be happening, particularly the way I cook and care for my cookware. I took the pans back to BBandB and they advised me to contact your company here we are. I would appreciate your response and help regarding this issue.
    Thank you, Alan Smolar ([email protected])
    address: 10705 Carrollwood Dr. Tampa, Fl. 33618
    *I've been attempting to include photos, but am not certain they are included. Please contact me with forwarding information if necessary

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