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Purchased at Lowes for $3, 000. Mowed 3 acres for four seasons. Drive shaft broke, got it fixed at authorized dealer. Very expensive! Now it is in the shop because of the left transmission. After $500 worth of parts, it is running as bad as it did when i took it in to them. They haven't determined how much labor they are going to charge me yet...
They continued to tell me 'it is a throw away mower'. I said $3, 000 and the name Cub Cadet never indicated to me that it was a 'throw away'. I wish they had told me that is was a "throw away" before I spent $800 in March and now awaiting the next bill for a mower that won't mow!
I can't AFFORD to just throw away $3, 000 plus ...
Now I researched, and they aren't even making this mower anymore. Cub Cadet you failed me.


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Aug 20, 2014 2:27 pm EDT

I bought a slightly used RZT 50 last year in June of 2013 from a Cub Cadet dealer. The very first day I used it I had to call the dealer to come put a new battery on it. I used that mower about a month and something tore up on it and I took it back to the dealer. After a month and him telling me that he couldn't get the parts for it, I told them to fix it and to sale the thing. I had mulching blades on it and the discharge chute blocked. I grew up on a farm in SW Georgia and walked behind a peanut picker all day and didn't get as dirty as I did with that mower. I wrote Cub Cadet a letter and told them I thought it was a design problem. I have been involved with grounds maintenance for over 35 years and have never had a mower like that one. Like a fool, I bought a slightly used Cub cadet lawn tractor and I haven't been able to stay out of the shop with it. In the meantime I wrote Cub Cadet a second letter complaining about the mower. In May of 2014 I was at the point of needing the ZTR mower and went and got it from the dealer. I had to wait on him to bring it from the back to load it on my trailer. This was on a Monday. I left it on the trailer until Friday when I go ready to cut customers grass and it wouldn't crank. I called the dealer and he said he couldn't send anybody out there with a new battery. I stopped what I was doing, drove 10 miles to the dealer, waited on him to get a battery, went back an put it on and then the PTO would not engage. At this point I lost all confidence in the dealer. I wrote the 3rd letter to Cub Cadet. It was at this time that I found out that Cub Cadet was owned by MTD and that said a lot. MTD had never been the brand name that Cub Cadet was or at least I thought it was. I ended my last letter with bold letters "piece of junk". Between the two units, one of them is in the shop every week. I won't put into print here what my mechanic said the last time he worked on it. I recently spent an hour on the phone with Cub Cadet and they told me to take it to a different dealer. I told them I didn't think that company was a Cub Cadet dealer and they assured me they were. I took the ZTR by there and he said he did not service them at that location but he did at his other store 30 miles away. But as soon as he found out it was a ZTR he said he didn't work on them. He also did not have high remarks for Cub Cadet. When your dealers do not have high remarks for the product they are selling, that is a big problem right there. I can tell you too that if you purchase a unit from Lowes, Home Depot, or any other place where they sit out in the weather, you can throw your warrantee out the door. I told the supervisor that I spoke to on the phone to come watch me mow and he would see what I was talking about but he said he couldn't do that. While I was being transferred to the Supervisor on the phone, they advertised, Troybilt, Yard Machines, Ariens, and several other brands. Do your reseach before you buy and anything that is made by the parent company of MTD, stay away from it. I have used a lot of different mowers in the last 35+ years in professional grounds maintenance but have never encountered a mower as sorry as Cub Cadets and it sad as they use to be a good brand name. Bottom line here is to stay away from anything Cub Cadet.

Jul 26, 2010 11:21 am EDT

Lowe;s doen not sell cub cadet, at lowe's you will find Troy-Bilt which is still made by MTD ( Who makes Cub Cadet ) same p.o.s. in my opinion, buy an exmark!


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