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Cricket Wireless  - there are multiple issues here, a few things with my service and a horrible phone clerk.

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When I open up my personal MyCricket account it shows that I am allowed to use up to 2.5 gigabytes a month, yet it still capped me at 1 gigabyte this month. I also was wondering if there was an explainable reason as to why my data is still being pulled even after I turn of my data and auto sync functions. You're service is not supposed to draw data when those functions are off? I can tell the companies pulling my data still because I left my data off for two whole days and still recieved a message, while my data was still off, saying I was 100% used up for my month. I let my plan go inactive and paid the late fee to get it reactivated in hopes the errors would change but nothing fixed. Also I have a complaint on one of your stores located at 1933 N. Dinuba Blvd. Visalia, California 93292. More specifically a phone clerk there. The time was betweeen 4:30-5:30. I called the first time and asked her if she had any idea on what could possibly be drawing my data on their side since my phone's already been evaluated by a technican that I live with. She told me to give her a second, and I gave her 5 minutes and recieved no reply so I hung up. I tried other stores in my towns and all lines were busy so I called back. When she answered and I asked her instead if she could just fix my 1 gigabyte cap issue. She told me to call customer service, and I told her that when I called earlier today there was no option to find a way to fix this issue on the automated message and o wasnt able to get ahold of any representatives or technicians. She immeadiatley came at me with more attitude then even before, saying that its not her problem. So then I asled to speak to a manager and she said no and hung up. I called back saying that she was being rude and that I needed to be transfered to any manager in the area to fix my phone and file a complaint. She came back with more and more sassy remarks telling me no. I asked for the HR number and she told me that they dont have an HR and only corporate service and that she didnt know the number(she said this in a really insulting tone) and then I told her I hope she gets fired for being so disrespectful to me and that I'm sending my complaint immeadiatley. I get that you guys can't control a million workers but can you maybe call the store manager(s) and tell them to have their evening shift not be so damn rude? I work construction 12+ hour days, and Im am apartment manager. The last thing I need is a disrespectful phone clerk that won't help me fix my freaking cell phone. This is getting really frustrating. Please jus get my phone fixed.

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