Cricket Wirelesscricket services in regards to my bill.

J Aug 16, 2018

I currently have a cricket plan which consists of 2 lines of service. I recently used bridge pay with my acct. The deadline to pay the balance was yesterday. When I called in today to pay my bill and have my second line cancelled I was informed that I can't cancel the second line and just pay for one line of service because of the fact that I used a bridge pay. I have to pay the full months service for both lines of service to have my acct restored. I do not want or need my second line anymore though. I have already paid for this second line for the last 2 months even though I have barely used it and haven't needed it. Obviously I don't want to continue to pay for a line that I'm not using. Cricket customer service has told me they cannot do anything to help me get this second line cancelled and that I must pay the full months payment for both lines to continue service. I offered to pay the full amount if I could receive a discount on next months bill in order to relieve me of the cost of the line I do not need. They informed me that they could not do that either. I have been a loyal cricket customer for many years now and I find it very hard to believe that there is nothing that can be done to restore my service with just the one active line and without me paying for a line I dont need. It seems obserd that your company is willing to lose me as a customer over a mear 30$ when I've been a loyal customer for so long. I'm finding it very hard to believe that nothing can be done to rectify this issue. I would like to remain a customer of cricket because I like my service and I've never had any problems like this in the past. If fact, I'm always telling everyone I know that Cricket has always looked out for me whenever Ive ever had any issues and for that reason I've remained a loyal customer for a very long time. Hopefully a solution to this problem will arise and I will be able to remain a loyal customer. I leave that in your company's more than capable hands
Thank you for your consideration in this matter. [protected]

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