Cox Communicationstrying to get my tv and internet service fixed for months

D Feb 05, 2018

COX has been to my house for the past several months and no resolution. Each time rep says will send Supvr to fix problem. That has not happened last 4 visits. Last visit I turned away 3rd party contractors since they cannot resolve issues. Every time you call Cox you get told something different that conflicts with what other reps tell you. Sat on phone for over 1 hour today with supvr. advising me she will contact the repair office Supvr. Her name was MS Shian # STAMOCBA. I finally hung up and called again. 2 days prior was told by Supvre Ms. Claribel # XRCLROD she could not take svc call for my repair due to outage and would call back after outages. That never happened so I called again in the evening for another supvr Randy # 17986 who said would insist on Supvr coming to my home to resolve all issues and then 3rd party contractor showed up. I have been on the phone for over 3 hours in the past week trying to get a COX Supervisor/not 3rd party to fix the ongoing problems I have been having for months with no resolution.

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