Cox Communicationstechnical support

M Aug 15, 2018

Got up this morning to work from home on internet at 6 am. Found all Cox services to be down. Have called them 6 times only to be told no outage has been reported but maybe just not enough people have called in yet. Last spoke with someone indicating still no outages reported that it is probably an issue at the house. The earliest they can send a tech out is TOMORROW between 1-3. I do not get paid if I don't work. I have NO Cox services at all. No phone to call 911 in an emergency, no TV, no internet but all their techs are too busy to address an emergent problem until tomorrow. They don't pay for lost wages, told me to use my cell phone if I had an emergency. This is the.same company who won't let me cancel my home phone without raising my bill $50 because of the bundle deal and although the only phone calls I receive on it are unwanted telemarketing calls of some sort, I really really NEED a home phone to call emergency so they can locate me. What a fricking crock!

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