Cox Communicationsinternet, setup and equipment

S Aug 01, 2018

I'd like to leave some feed back on mine and a friends recent experience with our Cox Location in Hutchinson KS, 1510 E 17th st.

Saturday my room mate went to sign up for internet and had scheduled a turn on date for today Wed Aug 1st. When no one arrived today she called up to corporate and found no records of any kind of service being started for her new home and had to go through the entire process again over the phone. This is really not a surprise as this store frequently advises customers that "wal mart is cheaper" and "signing up on line or by phone is faster and easier"

I've had 2 first hand experiences with this store, the first was to replace a modem that had been ruined by my dogs, This store's personnel flat out told me to goto wal mart to buy a modem. I asked about buying it there anyways to avoid another trip. Their reply was "well we are closing in the next 30 minutes, it really would be better for you to get this at walmart and then call our phone support to get it turned on "

The 2nd experience was when I went to sign up for new service. Again i was sent out of the store with literally nothing and was told to sign up via phone or use the website because "they have better deals and are cheaper" well sure! i will absolutely not sign up with your store since no one around here seems to want to help.

If we had any other provider in this area I would immediately switch as our local branch is completely worthless and continues to astonish me on the how much business they send out their door to wal mart and other electronic vendors. I'm not really sure why corporate would pay for these people to sit around and send business elsewhere but I really think they need a bit more oversight.

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