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Cox has failed to deliver the bandwidth of 150mbps download speed to us for 4 years. Initially, my fiancé thought she was having issues 4 years ago with her RoKu until I investigated the issue. I tested the speed to the modem and have not received near what we have been paying for all these years. Our download speed is less than 20 and our upload is no more than 1mbps.

I was told by cox that it’s my modem but as an I.T. professional I know that the Docsis 3.0 is rated for higher than the bandwidth that cox should be providing of 150mbps to us. I know this because I’ve used that modem on cox network at a previous residence and it was well beyond what I was paying for. This is not the case.

We were told on the phone by a cox rep (Daniel Jones) that since we have not received the service that cox would be cutting us a check for $960.00 for the years service and apologized. Verified our home address and said it would be in the mail so expect it in 2-5 days.

We have had cox contractors come out, the first contractor ran new RG6 line over 150 feet to the cox box outside in our neighbors backyard. He installed all new hardware on the house and grounded it to the electrical box. Still not receiving even close to the bandwidth we have paid for. A second contractors came out and told us that the RG6 line is hooked up to the wrong box. He found the correct box and ran new line.

We have not been treated well this whole time by cox and they are forcing us to pay for something we have never received. They told my fiancé that she should have called if there was a problem. She doesn’t understand IT like I do and she would have never known that she wasn’t getting what she paid for.

What business tells a customer that they understand their mistake and tells you they will make it right and then take it all back and say tough luck.

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