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L Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

I called today, 11/14/17 around 6:30pm to ask a question about the new service I'm supposed to (supposed to because this horrible customer service already has me reconsidering) have service installed on 11/16/17.

I simply had a few questions to ask about my new service. Instead of receiving answers, I received ATTITUDE. I tried to ask SUSAN to please listen, instead of spewing out sass, and she continued to talk over me. So I hung up.

I called back to hopefully receive someone friendly, and intelligent, but received Susan again. Her bad mood rubbed off on me so I told her "I was really hoping to get someone else" in which she replied "So call back again, [censor]" and hung up on me.

Is this really how your agents talk to their customers? And they must do so, knowing they won't be fired.

I haven't even started my service with COX and already don't want to deal with having to speak to their employees. That's really sad.

Please don't let this slip through the cracks, as SUSAN definitely did not seem to care one bit to cuss at and demean the customer.



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      Dec 03, 2017

    You are not alone and if you can disconnect your services and go somewhere else I advise you to do so. Been an 8 year customer and it has gotten progressively worse. Wasn't like that from the start. They don't value their customers is the real problem. Why I am currently moving on.

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