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S Jul 05, 2019

I am very dishearten by the service I have had from Cox home life security systems. I have had nothing but problems with it from the start. The person who signed us up advised we could cancel any time and add devices whenever we wanted on the payment plans where it is split up into 4 payments. There has been a time when we attempted to add more devices and were told we could not have the 4 payments. The employee also advised to contact him directly, after several attempts of contact him and not getting a response we call Cox to confirm he still works there which he does. Great customer service cannot even call back as you said you would. We have had numerous techs to our house to attempt to resolve the issues with the cameras and how spotty they are but they still do not work properly. I should be able to know the cameras pointing at my driveway will record those who come up it, but have been let down. Though that is frustrating the most frustrating and annoying thing that has happened is with the thermostat we had purchased from Cox. My husband had attempted to replace the batteries as needed and then the thermostat stopped working and gave us the screen as if it was never installed. When we contacted Cox because our house was now increasing in temperature because of their faulty equipment. We live in Arizona and currently in the summer dealing with temperatures that are in the hundreds. The tech support was not able to help try and go over ways to try and correct ourselves. The tech we spoke with advised us we were told that because of being in Arizona and the heat we would get priority with a tech notifying use within 30 minutes of their ETA. 40 minutes later we contacted Cox and spoke with a supervisor who advised us that they do not have techs on to assist that we would need to contact an HVAC place ourselves pay out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed by Cox (no time frame of course). We were also told that we were priority and would get a call the next morning once the techs were there. We still have not received any calls from them 3 days later. My husband ended up buying a different thermostat and set it up so we do not have to rely on Cox for this service anymore. So after this event and being the last straw we attempt to cancel this portion of our account and are told if we cancel there is a 400 cancelation fee, wait you cannot fulfill your obligations by fixing the problems we have but we have to pay a fee. You should be paying us a fee for having to deal with all these issues and still trying to work through it and keep the service that is awful. So I am stuck with the crappy ass security system for another year until I can cancel and not pay a fee for the [censored] service you provide. Meanwhile I will be getting a real service that works and get to pay double because you are able to break your part of the contract by not having techs on to service products and the inability to get the products to work properly in the first place. I would definitely not recommend home life to anyone for security.

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