Cox Communicationsdriver

T Aug 14, 2018

August 14th
Approx. 11:40 a.m.

Driver of Van number 15 - 0 3 3 really needs to learn how to use turn signals especially in really bad weather like this.
One thing I cannot stand is when I'm driving behind someone I'm trying to get into a turn lane and then that person just can't decide whether they want to be in the lane there in now or the lane they THINK they want to go into, and then they want to abruptly change the Lane without using the proper turn signal.
I guess you guys can definitely afford the lawsuits over traffic accidents and the expenses in repairing or replacing a vehicle or worse yet, much more personal and important things that just aren't repairable and replaceable . Brother out here sucks so bad that it's almost impossible even see in front of you even if you're going at a slower speed than the speed limit posted and I've got to concentrate on making sure that I don't get hit by some foolish driver or run into him because he/she doesn't know how to use a turn signal??!
I've got the number of that van written down and the next time one of your guys or gals does a lane change of any sort without using a turn signal or any other completely foolish act, I'm going to pull them over myself and I'm going to give him a full piece of my mind and trust me I'm not scared to!!
I have no reason to.
My apologies for coming off so abrupt.
But, this was really ignorant.
And thank you or allowing us to express our concerns...

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