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Has this happened to you? I opened my Cox Cable bill last night to find that I was being charged for three adult movie rentals. When I called customer service, they kept questioning me about who else would know the pass code for PPV. I explained multiple times that there were only two people in my house. Myself and my minor son who does not know the code. I know that I did not rent the Adult movies.

Can people hack these types of services?


  • Ma
    marc o'leary Jun 05, 2008

    I could not believe that COX Cable is actually charging customers $29.00 to decrease services. I am not asking for more service, but decreasing service! This is like always flying First Class and then when you want a coach seat the airline tells you that you have to pay a penalty if you don't sit in First Class as usual.

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  • Mo
    morethanupset Jul 12, 2009

    This just happened to my sister. She never knew about the movies until a month later, when she called in to see why her internet and cable weren't working. That's when they told her it's because she had a balance of three hundred and some dollars, and she was floored because she's been paying her bills and assumed she only had sixty something dollars to pay. So, she asked them why it was so much and they told her that there were several adult movies ordered since June, sometimes 5 times a day, and some were like 5 minutes apart from each other. She has been with them for 3 years and never ordered those movies, and she pleaded with them and tried to tell them that there was no way she ordered those movies, and they just basically called her a liar, and did not credit her anything.
    So, obviously there is a big problem with this, since we aren't the only 2 having these issues. Something has to be done, because there is no way to prove that you did not order the movies.

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  • Js
    JSR1115 Feb 06, 2010

    Yes! This happened to me this week (February 2010). An adult movie order that I did not purchase was charged to my account. At first I was freaked out because I thought someone may have broke into my house and watched pornography waiting for me to get home...scary thought. Now I see that this has happened to other people I will continue to research...

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  • Ke
    keibau Mar 07, 2010

    This just happened to me too (different carrier than Cox) during the months of December, 2009, and January, 2010. After noticing about a half dozen porn rentals in December, we complained in January and had them set our dollar limit to zero, but it didn't do any good. Dozens more were rented in January and by this time the dollar amount had grown to over $300.00. I was told that more yet were going to show up on the February bill. the service provider told me that the rentals did indeed come from our home and that I would have to pay the bill. Mega hundreds of dollars of rentals are not in my current budget and I told them I would not be able to pay the bill. As of March first, I am without service, and this includes Internet service, telephone service (both a home line and a business line), not just the TV service. I guess this might be a good reason not to bundle all services. I too am wondereing if someone has figured out how to hack into the system and make it look like rentals have come from our house, uhh like the porn industry maybe? We don't even use PPV and I told them to check our records going back several years. Wouldn't it seem suspicious that after years of no rentals, that all of a sudden we would have hundreds of dollars worth in just two months???!!!??? I was telling this to my sister in another community and she told me this happened to her daughter a year gago (different service provider yet). She was dealt with in the same manner and that somene in the house had to have rentred them. It was just her and her 1 year old daughter. I guess I'm sharing all this not just to vent, but to lend some believabilty to others that have had the same experience.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Casey364 Aug 13, 2010

    Everytime there is an update when my computer is signing off I cannot access my email account from Cox Cable. It comes up looking completely different and will not allow me access to my email. Have never been able to access my Cox Cable email remotely. Always have to wait until I'm back in my apt. COX CABLE is GROSS!!!

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  • Cox keeps the same amount of money even if you drop services. I would like to get only internet, but they say it is the same price if I only get internet or if I keep my television channels. The other thing they have started (or that I only just noticed) to do is to reduce your bandwidth and then say they can fix the problem by offering you a more expensive package that gives more bandwidth.

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  • Lo
    localonly Jul 29, 2011

    Day 8 and still can't receive long distance calls. Hold time always "greater than 10 minutes". Online chat unavailable twice and chat dropped/interrupted the 3rd time. Fine service as long as nothing goes wrong. Qwest is no better. Too bad competition is dead in big business.

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  • Wh
    Whistmiss Jul 11, 2012

    Cox Cable is one of the companies who appear and disappear from the market every day. They don’t care about the customers. Their staff can be rude and don’t want to come into your problems. The main goal is money. They do anything to get another cent from you! Be on guard!

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  • Pg
    p. griggs Oct 26, 2012

    Cox cable offer service bundles which would include tv, internet, and phone. When I called to begin service with them I was told that I could not be on a contract if I was going to turn off tv service each summer since we leave Az. for 4 months. I would of course need to leave on the internet and the phone. I called in May to turn TV service off. No problem but I was also told I needed to turn phone and internet off also. What, I need my phone working and on occasion my adult son might need to use my internet. Brian the agent, said he would leave the phone on but he didn't know if the computer would allow him to leave the internet usable at the house but he would try. Well 3 months later my adult son needed to use my printer and found the internet was turned off. He called me and I called Cox and had a refund for the months I was paying for internet. The person I was talking to kept on talking about if I turned off my internet I would lose my bundle, lose your bundle, and kept on going on. I assumed he was misinformed since NO ONE ever told me if I turned off my internet and tv I would lose my "bundling" with cox. I called to make sure that my service was back to normal and was told I couldn't get a bundle and then "they" couldn't help me that the person who I spoke with is THE ONLY PERSON WHO COULD HELP ME. AND THEY LEFT A MESSAGE ON HIS PHONE AND I SHOULD RECEIVE A CALL IN A FEW DAYS. Unacceptable, lies, lies, lies. Be very careful stay with with either dish or direct.

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  • Am
    amj0551 May 10, 2014

    Got my cox bill and there was 12 porn movies rented which we did not rent sometime 4 in one day just minutes from each other. when I called to complain they told me that yes they were ordered from my home. They gave us a serial number of the cable box they were ordered from and it is the box in my adult son's room. The biggest issue is that his tv has not worked in 3 weeks. And when I called them back they said it did not matter they were ordered from that box. Then found out there was 6 more downloaded in the new month. the days and times she gave me there was no way my son did it because he was not here. We had no visitors and my husband and I never watch tv in his room. I talked to at least 6 different people none of them could credit any of these movies. We had our e mail account hacked into from cox and even our phone so what makes them think no one could hack into your cable boxes.
    this is outrageous. I am so fed up with cox. everytime we have had an issue with them they never help us so I am so done with them. we are moving a a month or so and i will not get cox in the new location. They might have the fastest internet but i am not going to pay their high prices anymore.

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  • So
    sololachi Jan 02, 2015

    I am going through this PPV porno nonsense with cox right now. I just googled to see if anyone else has had a similar issue. They lady took off this months but all the charges from the previous months are a no-go area. I'm upset! I am irritated with this and have put a pin on my box. If this happens again, I'm dropping cox. Sorry guys, but good to know its not only me.

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  • Az
    Azmom Apr 07, 2015

    We had this very thing happen last week. We have never purchased an adult pay per view movie. Opened our March bill, and someone ordered TWELVE (12) movies in a 2 day period while we were out of town. About $140 in charges. I called Cox to explain and they had a battle axe of a billing representative try to bully me into believing it was our trusted house sitter who somehow ordered all these movies. I talked to him and he had no clue re. the pay per view purchases. Took about an hour of wrangling, and about 5 people I needed to talk to, before I got the charges reversed.

    Cox insisted the movies were ordered from the house, but it was impossible. No one was home at several of the times they provided. Plus, many of the movies were ordered within a few minutes of another (ex. at 8:47 am, and another at 8:55 am) which doesn't make any sense. I think we were hacked somehow, but Cox was adamant that we were not. Googled the situation and found these comments. Adding our details so others can hopefully benefit.

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  • An
    AntiCox Feb 07, 2016

    I just had the same thing happen. 40 mostly movies on my bill for Dec 30th 2016 ordered in a 4 hr period from 2am+ to 6am+. They said it was from my cable box. The TV is in the room next my bedroom. No one was watching TV. I called right after I got the bill. They were supposed to take care of it and email me what my real bill was. Never heard back. Called again yesterday and they said they couldn't do anything about it. Talked to supervisor. Said he'd look into it. Talked to him again today still no resolution. He has to talk to his supervisor. I can see now it has happened before so thanks for reporting on this. If they don't remove the charges I will be canceling my service. There are too many alternatives these days to put up with this BS.

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  • Zo
    Zolie Sep 10, 2018

    I'm so upset just open my e-mail today is 9/9/2018 the Cox bill do on the 15th they already sending me a note make sure I' don't forget the bill do date, then I' look more and I' see the bill is $13.99 extra charge I' look true then I' see HD movie from Pay-Per-View we'never ever order any movie since we' been Cox Cable 6-7 years I'm not going to pay this BS they always try to put something into the bill if nothing else they try to charge for a local Doctor appointment 800.numbers .This is getting out of control now a few months was out any BS charge so Cox Cable start again. I'm going to report them to the Clark County.also start looking for a different Company who provided better and more honest service. I'm sick and tired to keep calling them to try to clean up the mess of what they doing.

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