Courts Singaporeunsatisfactory customer service


Here is a feedback of an extremely dissatisfied courts customer.

I have recently purchased most of our household appliances from courts. The items includes refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and 2 television. To accommodate the delivery, as well as the installation, my finacee and I specially took leave on 05-12-2014. Delivery, wall mount as well as dryer stacking schedule has been confirmed earlier on (between 11-3, 4-7pm).
To our dismay, 2 television did not delivered as per schedule, and no one from courts actually is professional enough to inform us.
Thus, we made a call to courts customer service department and enquire for the status. Shockingly, we were then informed that delivery cannot be made as the stock just arrived. Frustrated as we may be, we accepted the fact that delivery is not able to be done, as such requested for the delivery to be made 2 days later on 07-12-2014.
We were served by ms catherine and then mr eddie (supervisor), and I can pledge that this is by far the worst customer service we have ever encountered. Not only being unprofessional, mr eddie is also sarcastic to the customer. When courts has made a mistake in such scenario, as a consumer, we expect solution, as well as be assured by courts, to ensure that our inconvenience is minimized, mr eddie has failed in all aspects and we are utterly disappointed with courts because of that.
Worse of all, we were promised by mr eddie to receive a revert from courts on the same by [protected]), not surprisingly, his promises are broken, we did not get any revert.
Courts, being a well-known, established corporation, is having this standard of customer service? First messed up customer's delivery schedule, then does not provide a solution for customer, then give empty promises to customer. If this is so, this will be the last time we will be shopping with courts. I believe this sort of services should be made known to consumers.

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