Courts Singaporemicrosoft surface pro 4 (tax invoice [protected])


I have bought my microsoft surface 4 from courts at mar 2017. Currently, the slate is unable to turn on even though I have tried the force shutdown procedure of pressing and hold the power on button for 30 secs. There is no battery problem as the power cable is having white light.

I called courts twice and they refer me to ingram. I have called the ingram at [protected] but the recorder keeps telling me that the operators are busy for a solid the end, I emailed to ingram, and they asked me to call
Call in @ [protected] or log a case at below link.

I am greatly disappointed as the courts appointed agents asked me to call the us and troubleshot the website by myself.

Kindly help as I need the slate urgently for my work schedule. Please call me at [protected] or [protected] for clarification.

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