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Order number [protected]

Please send my order to following address:
1904 N Nokomis NE
Alexandria. MN. 56308

You previously sent to wrong address and no one notified us or tried to contact us for the correct location to be delivered.

Please note, this was paid for through my Osy Pal account showing my current and correct address.

Thank You
Mary Jo Zimmer

lettered and lined lg farmhouse essentials art

I bought 6-7 art pieces from this company on or around Aug 15th. I was charged for the items, but I have not received any confirmation email and I have not received the package yet. Is there a way to contact them to find out when and if I'll be receiving my order? I am worried that I was charged but am not receiving anything in the mail. Please let me know how to contact this seller.
Thank you,
Erin Bayless

lettered and lined lg farmhouse essentials art

Grocery plastic bag holder

Hello, I received my order today and love the bags, however, I ordered two dandelion Gray bag holders and...

order # [protected]

I have copied my email correspondence below for reference. I received a pair of shoes in the mail that wreaked heavily of cigarette smoke. This smell makes me physically sick so I requested a return label and replacement shoes. The shoes are out of stock, which I understand, but the company wants me to pay for the return shipping costs. That is outrageous considering they were the ones that sent me disgusting, cigarette smoke, smelling shoes. This is terrible customer service and I would like a resolution from since I cannot seem to get one from the manufacturer.

Kristi Cockrell

Well nothing smelled like cigarette smoke until I opened the sealed packaging that contained the shoes. So yes, you did send out an item that wreaked of cigarette smoke. There is no way that it picked up that smell during shipping because nothing else with the box or packaging smelled like that when I received it. Only when I opened the packaging containing the shoes. Obviously someone or some room where the shoes were smelled heavily of smoke.

From: customersupport
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 9:27 AM
To: Kristi Cockrell
Subject: RE: Order # [protected]

Hi Kristi,

We do not send out items that smell like cigarette smoke. There isn't a way for us to tell if this is something that may have been picked up by a Fed Ex or a mail truck. We are the manufacture of the shoes, we only send out the items. You are certainly welcome to contact to see if t hey are able to help out with shipping cost.

Thank you,

Star Wallowing Bull
Customer Service Rep
Order Management
Reliable of Milwaukee

From: Kristi Cockrell
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 10:25 AM
To: customersupport
Subject: Re: Order # [protected]

You're saying that I would have to pay for return shipping when the shoes were sent to me smelling very strongly of cigarette smoke? You don't consider that something wrong from your end? Or do you think it's perfectly fine to send people shoes that have a strong cigarette odor? I should not have to pay anything to send these back, this is ridiculous. I will be sure to never shop at again.
From: customersupport
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 8:07:15 AM
To: Kristi Cockrell
Subject: RE: Order # [protected]

Hello Kristi,

Thank you for reaching out to us on this matter. You are certainly welcome to return the shoes for a refund, it looks like we no longer have these available in stock. As for a label, we would not be able to offer a shipping label for returns unless there is a manufacture defect or a wrong item was sent. You can return the shoes to;

Reliable of Milwaukee
100 Campbellsport Dr.
Campbellsport, WI 53010

When we receive and process the return, we'll contact to issue the refund.

Thank you,

Star Wallowing Bull
Customer Service Rep
Order Management
Reliable of Milwaukee

From: Kristi Cockrell
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2019 6:22 PM
To: customersupport
Subject: Order # [protected]

I received my order today and the shoes smell of cigarette smoke very strongly. I don't want to let the shoes air out in my closet. Can I get a replacement pair mailed and a mailing label to mail these back?


I ordered several pieces and 3/4 were poor/awful quality (extremely cheap) and I'll fitting. I contacted customer service immediately to start the return process, come to find out they're less than thrilled to help. I've sent multiple emails to them asking for help and corresponded with several different ages. The last email I sent was asking them to complete the return process, their response was "it's past the return date… " You have got to be kidding me! I've been trying to get a return soon as I receive the items and they're too lazy to do anything about it, and now They won't help.

Bottom line, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! My next step is to contact BBB!!!

took my money and didn’t deliver product

I ordered two Christmas ornaments through on November 30, 2017. My order number is listed in the subject bar above. These are listed on by a seller called Le Chic Monogram. I never received my ornaments. There is a tracking # through USPS but it says they are still waiting for the item. I've contacted the seller and multiple times and no one gets back to me. I'm super angry as this was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my friend. At the very least I would like my money back. They can't just steal money from me and give me no product in return. This is really infuriating!

piper and co

I ordered a vest from Piper and Co on November 29, 2017. I have yet to get my order or hear back from the shop when I contacted them, multiple people have had the same problem with this shop as well lately. The only update I have is that the ups is waiting for the package. Please help in resolving this issue. is a great website there is just this bad shop on there that won't help anyone out with their order and have already taken the money for it.

never received my order!!!

I order a personalize bracelet (2) from [protected] It shipped out on Dec. 1st. I can NOT track my...

i’m not able to reset my password even if I hit reset my password button

Please can someone help me!! I'm trying to login and I forgot my password and i'm trying to reset my password but it's not letting me!!
I have tried many different ways to so how reset my password but i'm having no luck!! I want to order christmas gifts but I can't because I forgot my password and it want let me reset my password!! Can someone please help me resolve this problem!!!
Very frustrated!!
Heather sanders


I bought a gift card for my secret santa at work Today, I had the gift card emailed to myself so that I could print it off and give it to her. instead I received an email with only a picture and no code for her to redeem her gift card. The money is out of my account and now I have no gift card. This is my first experience with and I am extremely disappointed.


I'm a teacher and my team (7 of us) ordered a custom tribe t-shirt. My order number is [protected].

We all received our shirts and the sizes are way off. I ordered the ladies fit t-shirt in a small. It is very baggy and it is not a fitting t-shirt at all. The shirt does not fit the way it is pictured on the website at all. I am 5'3" and 125 pounds. I've always ordered a small and this shirt is just way too big to wear without it looking sloppy.

I'd like to request a refund if possible.

Thank you for your time!
-Diana Stepner

Too bad

Baggy website. Couldn't change my address to the new one. The website kept showing my previous address. It...

product return/refund

I purchased a dress (Stripes & Dots Chiffon Dress) that is way to baggy. Not appropriate to the size...

Terrible company to do business with

Ordered several items from Jane and did not receive my tracking number. Contacted customer service and they promised to send me one. I finally received my tracking number about three weeks later and the worst part was that it was not working and had nothing to do with my order! Contacted them again and they said that it was a mistake and promised me another one and after that they just disappeared. I still have no tracking information and I have no idea where my order is! It seems like these guys just scammed me and took my money! Do not do business with this fraudulent company!

I got already broken stuff from the seller

We ordered several items from the company The delivery was late and the seller really badly...

Bad quality of sweater and impossible to get money back

I ordered sweater and tunica from the company I was shocked and disappointed in the provided...

Company is real scam – they overcharge and didn't return money back

I found good deal on the website I paid about $150 for the order and postage, but after 2...