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S Nov 15, 2017

I visited the Tire Center in Nashua, NH yesterday 11/14/2017, to get my snow tires put on. As a long time Costco member, I had problems with the service there and need to tell you about it.

I called to get an appointment, and was told that it would be two weeks or more to do that, so I came on a 1st come first serve basis, to get this work done. I understand that I will have to wait for the job to be done, and am ok with that.

The problem I had was that the service person there, only handles one customer call or person at a time. But additionally, you only get served if you stand in line at the counter. With the amount of business there, and especially with my physical problems, this presented many problems and made it very hard on me. I saw that my car was finished and walked back into the tire center to get settled and get my keys. The Service person was working with someone else so I sat down. Then several others came into the center, and calls came in, and before I know it I am about 6 or 7th in line just to get my keys. I have bad back problems where my bones push on my spinal nerves when I stand, so it is very hard for me to stand for more than a few minutes. That is why I had to sit down. The service person never acknowledged that I was there, and was totally focused on one thing at a time. I also really had to sit down, because I had waited about 2 hours in the store and unlike usual, there were no sofas of other comfortable chairs there to sit on--too much Christmas stuff instead I guess.

The net result is that I just can't deal with this poor customer service any more. I guess if I have to pay more to go to a place where they will acknowledge me (and any customer that comes in), then I guess that is what I will have to do. This problem is really bad for me because of my disability, and it is also frustrating that the service person doesn't notice cane and need to sit down and help me. Going elsewhere that costs more is also hard as I can't work and am on a very limited budget.

I don't understand why your service personnel aren't trained to handle things better. Can they really only handle one thing at a time now matter the amount of people that enter the center? Many are there to get new tires which takes 15-30 minutes, while others are just dropping or picking up their car. Why not ask who is there to just pickup their car that the work is finished on? Why not greet people, acknowledge them, ask in general what they are there for? If that can't be done, then why not have a ticket system, like deli departments in the grocery stores, where I can take a ticket and not be ignored because I have to sit down and can't stand in line for 30-45 minutes to get some attention?

I now have 2 sets of tires for my Jeep that I bought there so making a change will take time. I hope you can make some customer service changes. It hasn't always been this bad in the past.


Stuart Morgan

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