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Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 468 2274(North America) 2 2
+39 279 6420(Italy & Rest Of Europe) 1 0
+1 480 281 0424(North America) 1 0
+61 262 350 180(Australia & New Zealand) 1 0
+86 208 666 0158(China) 1 0
+852 28 276 211(Hong Kong) 1 0
+91 116 651 7631(India) 1 0
+62 217 292 662(Indonesia) 1 0
+81 352 961 020(Japan) 1 0
+92 213 423 1936(Pakistan) 1 0
+63 25 811 914(Philippines) 1 0
+65 65 137 318(Singapore & Malaysia) 1 0
+82 267 155 400(South Korea) 1 0
+886 227 383 898(Taiwan) 1 0
+66 264 269 118(Thailand) 1 0
+84 283 622 2588(Vietnam) 1 0
Registered Office
Via Maserati 16, 40128 Bologna, Italy

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
15825 North 71st Street, № 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA

CosmoProf Complaints & Reviews

Cosmoprof — warm and gentle perms for tinted hair

There are (3) different types of warm and gentle perms!!! (Normal)( grey and resistant hair) and (tinted formula for color treat or bleached hair). Cosmo prof DOES NOT carry the tinted formula warm and gentle perm!!! Why? I have tried repeatedly to get Cosmo prof to get these and the...

Cosmetics  · Oct 30, 2019

Cosmoprof — customer service

I've been a salon owner, Esthetician, and in the beauty industry for 17 years. I've been shopping at this location for five years. After spending 30 minutes choosing products for my hairdresser who was unable to pick up her usual supplies, I was told at the checkout that they...

1 comments Cosmetics  · Oct 21, 2019

Cosmoprof — refusal to put woody's stache wax on shelf

I have requested three times now, to put Woodys mustache wax back on the shelf. I like to purchase a few anytime I go in to buy products. As of today, there is still no Woodys mustache wax on the shelf. They explained that I had to order it now. One of the employees spoke out and said...

Cosmetics  · Oct 10, 2019

Cosmoprof — customer service

I was in cosmoprof shopping around 9:15 and a heavy set lady red hair was in the store throwing around things and being very angry, was not welcoming the customers when coming in. Had a very bad attitude with customers coming in and her employees. When working in retail I think it's very...

Cosmetics  · Jul 31, 2019

Cosmoprof — angela (manager)

I came into the store on 7-29-19 and was shopping for several products, the manger came up to me personally and asked if I had a card to shop there, I let her know I did not have it with me and she demanded me to leave the store immediately! I do have a card to shop at cosmoprof I have a cosmetology license and had been in the store numerous times before.

1 comments Cosmetics  · Jul 30, 2019

Cosmoprof — wrongful termination

CosmoprofI currently was employed with Cosmo Prof in Grand Rapids, MI, i first applied for plainfield location & during interview asked if id go to breton & i accepted to be trained out there not permantly, i felt kinda obligated to stay there due to short staffed, but i applied at plainfied due to...

Cosmetics  · Apr 26, 2019

Cosmoprof — tammy

CosmoprofWalked in to make some purchases as soon as I walk in a nice girl greets me and when I go down the aisle immediately Tammy was behind me didn't smile just stone faced turning items around on the shelves so I ask why is everything facing in so you cant read what it is she just said doing...

Cosmetics  · Apr 10, 2019

Cosmoprof — bullying and harassment

am absolutely disgusted and appalled by this comapany, if I could give this a 0 I would. I was an employee at a cosmo prof in the bay area in California. I was An employee starting in June, and I was harassed and bullied the entire time up till I left to move to Nashville. First and...

Health & Beauty  · Dec 21, 2018

Cosmoprof — how I am being treated as a single parent

I currently work for Cosmoprof at the Champaign Illinois location. My mom has recently been hospitalized and I've asked for my hours to change to my son's school hours until my mom is out of the hospital. Due to the fact I have no one else to take him and pick him up. I've been threatened...

Champaign Neighbours  · Nov 26, 2018

Cosmoprof — investigation.

I think that you should investigate a sales associate by the name of Jami Gabel who was hired twice by Mandi Despenas-who began as the Store Manager #86091 when the store first opened, left and returned to her position a short while ago. Jami quit with no notice the first time around and...

Mason City Employees  · Sep 28, 2018

Cosmoprof — manager

I was in the store buying products when I heard a lot of profanity being used from the back room. Then an employee came from back there crying and I asked her what was wrong and she had told me that it happens all the the manager degrades them all the time and I told her I seen a similar...

Cosmoprof — customer service

I went into the CosmoProf off of 108th and Q in Omaha, Ne today. There was an issue with my card, and the girl working said it wasn't going through and that she voided the payment. I immediately checked my bank and saw not only did I have money in there, but I was also charged $2.30. The...

2 comments Health & Beauty  · Sep 10, 2018

Cosmoprof — store manager - rude and needs to learn some manners

I had just spent at least $300 in the store on products, I purchased the wrong size curling iron and had to return for the correct size and was literally within 5 minutes of my purchase. The manager in the State College store was very rude, annoyed and acted as if we were bothering her to...

Cosmoprof — service

On Sunday I visited the Winchester Va location at approximately 3:45 pm to complete a quick return and to pick up a few products that I realized I didn't have during an appointment I had at 2pm. I was in a hurry for 2 reasons, 1. I had clients meeting me back at my shop, and 2. Cosmoproof...

Other  · Sep 05, 2017

Cosmoprof — service

I called your draper store inquiring about old packaging on tape in extensions. The girl I spoke with told me the old packaging was 15% off. I drove from Bountiful out to Draper to purchase a few but the manager I spoke with there said they were not on discount. She made the excuse that...

Health & Beauty  · May 17, 2017

Cosmoprof — complaint on worker elliot at cosmoprof store #09508

CosmoprofI went into Cosmoprof store #09508 on 05/13/17 at 02:48 pm to return items • #719495 Cuc Artisan •#379040 It's a 10 Mir •#379085 Plu It's a 10 •#712137 Ken Demi Crem with Elliott whom was at the register at the time along with a tall Caucasian lady sitting to the left side of him. I had...

Tustin Health & Beauty  · May 14, 2017

Cosmoprof — customer service

I was a member of CosmoProf for several months and one day I was not able to access my account. I contacted customer service and told them that there was something wrong with my account and asked for help. They said they'll do something. That was over a month ago and they never did...

2 comments Health & Beauty  · Aug 08, 2016