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Cosmopolitan is the best-selling young women's magazine in the U.S., a bible for fun, fearless females that reaches more than 17 million readers a month. Cosmopolitan delivers the latest news on men and love, work and money, fashion and beauty, health, self-improvement and entertainment.

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i have not paid do not want them im worried that there racking up fines somewhere.that i am not aware

i have been recieving them for a like long time i have not signed up for them or paid for them none of this makes sense why would Cosmo keep sending them i dont need fines racked up on some scam credit card some one need to do somthing !!!
i have tryed to contact cosmo seems impossible in thought maybe it was one of my family buying seventeen magizine. but it deff not i would like some explanation for this...

false news

This is False information. A vegan diet has been scientifically proven to make it actually easier to gain muscle mass. Vegan/plant based nutrition does not need any more back lash. A Whole Foods plant based diet has been increasing worldwide because of its health benefits, vegan diets are a step closer to plant based nutrition. Protein from meat is not superior to plant protein and there are hundreds of studies to prove that like The China Study, which was one of the most significant studies ever done. This news has saved millions of lives so please don't discourage it. Look at most of our Olympic body builders and see how they strive on a plant based diet. Game changers, the documentary is coming out in September, there is proof right there.

false news


I have NEVER went on a website or anything with cosmopolitan magazine nor have I ever submitted my debit card info and it's june 10th I lost my mail key and hadn't checked my mail in about a week and I found my key went to check my mail and I have two magazine from cosmopolitan one with the date of March 21 the other April 21 and also a "PARENT" magazine 😤 I do not want your magazine and I hope you guys are not trying to charge me for them! I will gladly return them! Fix this!

You can contact me at [protected]
ASAP PLEASE! I don't want this to linger or not get resolved I do not have the time or money for this non sense!


the smutty magazine

Couple years ago I started getting cosmopolitan in the mail I've never really looked at one before I'm over 50 what a trashy slutty piece of crap !!
Of Course I didn't order it. And it's near impossible to get them to stop sending it so I just throw it in the trash .

I was told they send out subscriptions that are paid for so that they can say they have so many subscribers even though we didn't subscribe .

Softcore porn should not just be sent to anybody's mailbox !!

  • Updated by Kiss Off · Apr 22, 2019

    Didn’t order it don’t want it when recommended to anybody’s kids I considered soft core porn really slutty sleazy advice . Wish they’d stop sending it just goes to the landfill !

magazine subscription

I have been receiving the cosmopolitan magazine for two months. I never ordered or subscribed. I want it to stop. If it doesn't stop immediately I will take further action and sue for harassment also. Stop sending the magazine's I never asked for and I WILL NOT pay for them ! How did you get my info ? You are illegally pushing your magazine on me without my approval. That I would think is available. Stop sending the magazine's. It's all very criminal and that's a bad way to run your business. How dare you try and trap me into something like this. It's a total invasion and forceful tactics. Shame on you Cosmopolitan !

penguin post on facebook about how difficult monday are

I think it is distasteful to make a post about how difficult Monday's are at the expense of a father penguin who is trying to protect his egg. It also shows carelessness on the behalf of the social media team to not understand or recognize that this is not at all funny because the baby penguin probably died due to the egg cracking from the fall. As having I worked on a social media team before as well as having a degree in marketing I know what goes into being able to monitor posts as to not ruin the brand's reputation and in my mind your brand reputation is now ruined. Not only ruined because of the tastelessness of the post but also ruined because how is a consumer able to trust your sexual heath advice if it is clear that the team is not as educated as they should be to know what is actually going on in the social media content they post.


Read a super short article citing that sleeping more than 9 hours a day could cause a 44% increase in mortality vs sleeping 7 hours causing only 9%. They referred to a study but there is no source(s) and not enough information to believe it. If i want to learn more about this subject than a 200 word article, I need to go out of my way. When talking about beauty or personal opinion, I don't see a need for a source. However, I expect that if they refer to a study or another article, they can also cite the source. As a casual reader that isn't subscribed, I can't even complain directly to the company.


I'm not sure if you guys hired someone new or if you've just taken a risk but the format you guys have set up for the Snapchat version of
Cosmo is awful. It takes for ever to read because once your halfway through the paragraph it disappears and you have to go through the whole spiel again. SO ANNOYING and honestly has made me stop using the forum it seems like you guys are just out of ideas and are trying to keep your jobs alive. Stop making us suffer! Come up with more content and stop making it so damn hard to read.

magazine subscriptions not ordered

Is this some new marketing trick from the magazine. I have never ordered the magazine and not sure why I'm getting it. I don't even read magazines, never have; especially not now with everything you didn't want to know is on the internet. What's creepy though is that the label actually has my information correct, because my name is usually misspelled.

A few pages into the magazine they have the breakdown of who's who at Cosmo, and looks to me a good place to start would be with VP of Strategy and Business Management of Circulation; Mr. Rick Day. their office is located at 300 West 57th Street, New York, NY. [protected]. I bet if enough of us complain they will re-think their marketing strategy.

relationship articles

Hi Cosmo, I watch and subscribe to your snap stories daily, I adore them! Especially your articles on relationship advice. Occasionally, some of your pieces will include gendered pronouns such as he, him, his. I was wondering if you would consider rewording your articles to have more inclusive language in the future as not everyone that's reading your articles is chasing a man. By removing the gendered pronouns it opens up your articles to so many new pathways as well as making more people feel like they're included. It might not seem pressing but to people that have to deal with society subtly telling us that it's wrong to be anything but straight is hard when you don't fit that box. It might be small but a little love goes a long way!! ❤️

relationship articles

esa snapchat article

I am contacting you regarding your recent Snapchat article about Emotional Support Animals. The information in your article is incorrect and is going to lead to legal action being taken if the incorrect information isn't corrected. As per the ADA, ESAs have NO unlocks access rights. Putting the information out there that they have PA rights is going to cause problems such as arrests to those who believed the article and brought their ESA with them, lawsuits to stores that allowed ESAs in and they caused damage, lawsuits where ESAs attacked legitimate service animals, etc. ESAs are usually untrained, meaning they pull at the leash, bark, jump on people, and sometimes show aggression. There are laws in place to keep service animals and the public safe, but you are going to convince your readers that those laws are wrong. Because of false/misleading information found in your article, legitimate service dogs have had to retire from having fake or even legitimate ESAs attack them. Because of the lack of research that goes into your articles, I'm suprised the business is still running. Please educate your staff and teach them to do research before they post. You'd think professional writers would know that. I'm very disappointed and will be in contact with my lawyer. What is the Cosmopolitan Snapchat Suprvisor's phone number? Fake ESAs and Service Animals are such a huge problem. I want to be able to go out with my SD and live normally, but every time I go I have to watch our backs for fakes and ESAs. My life could actually be in danger if she missed an alert because a ESA or fake was distracting or attacking her. We've been attacked before by a ESA in a place it should not have been.

esa snapchat article
esa snapchat article

snapchat article "how I became a paralympic champion"

There is a Snapchat article title "How I became a Paralympic Champion" featured in today's Cosmopolitan series of articles. My complaint is that the mobile article completely leaves out the Olympian's name in the article and title. The only area in the article where the name is addressed is in the photo captions which is still subtle and unclear as this Olympian's name is Oksana Masters and isn't easily recognized as a woman's name when reading the captioned photos. The article itself is greatly written but in terms of presenting it in the mobile article, I got through to the end and had to google to find out the Olympian's name.

my subscription to cosmopolitan magazine way too much $

I have been giving both my daughter and daughter in law a cosmo subscription for many years now as one of...

snapchat cosmopolitan

The latest cosmopolitan about 10 garbage excuses that micro cheaters use, I find highly sexist as it only points out about males being cheats where as women can also cheat! Men also read cosmopolitan not only women and feel victimised as they're targeted by cosmopolitan for being the "cheaters". As a women myself I still find it very sexist and there should be complete equality through genders on your articles!

snapchat cosmopolitan
snapchat cosmopolitan


I've contacted customer service several times, to no avail. This is my 1st time ordering and paid $24 for a 2 year agreement. I've only been credited for one and was told to go to my bank for records plus faxing, although I have a screenshot of Cosmopolitan confirmation and even checked with my bank to verify that it was paid. I'm disabled, don't drive and no access to fax in my home. So now, I'm expected to pay extra for transportation and faxing, as well as subjecting myself to the hassle. Terrible business tactics and customer service. I'm extremely upset and being this is my 1st experience, I'll never order again. It isn't my fault that you can't keep your records straight, but yet I'm expected to be out even more expense and time, for your mistake.

  • Ma
    MariaWoodson Aug 29, 2017

    I know how you feel when somebody simply ignores your messages, especially when it is your first experience! Take care and be cautious!

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magazine issue from september 2017

I was reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and I wasn't very impressed with one of the articles in the sex section of the magazine. It was about "Post-Trump Sex Disorder." I don't really see the point of the article since it is just someone's personal political opinion. Being a Trump supporter myself, there really is no reason why him being president would affect somebody's sexual relationships. I don't see why a magazine that is about love, fashion, and sex needs to have the writers and editors political opinions thrown in.

I never ordered this magazine

Please stop sending it! Don't want the waste. I'm not sure what the marketing technique is to send people...

snapchat exercise advice

You have listed a Deadlift as a great way to enhance one's glutes, however showed a young lady performing a Romanian Deadlift (the difference is enormous) with a very dangerous mistake. The video, including the advice bullets, claim having your knees locked is the correct way to complete the lift. In (almost) no lift at all should a lifter have any joints locked, especially the knees. This can lead to a very nasty injury if form is not critiqued and will most likely result in the lifter losing consciousness during the exercise. Locking your knees is not the advice I, as a personal trainer, would give any client, especially a novice. I would just cringe if anybody did that move, called it a Deadlift, and hurt themselves from improper advice that they heard from you...

snapchat exercise advice
snapchat exercise advice

snapchat 'throwing shade' cultural appropriation

There was a snapchat article on the cosmopolitan feed that was addressed 'Hailee Stenfield gets real about...


cosmo snapchat articles - sexist and discriminatory

Just wanted to voice my concerns about reading some terrible articles from Cosmopolitan on Snapchat. As these articles are what growing teenagers and even younger girls read, I think it is horrendous to be putting sexist ideas in their minds. From things like putting down men, saying things like from Hannah Smothers' article "10 Invalid Complaints Men Should Not be Allowed to Have", to pushing these young teenagers to go out and sleep with everyone because it's cool and there's birth control anyway.

It's disgusting that you folks at Cosmo don't seem to care what you are feeding the children of our society. Goofy ideas to please men is one thing, but giving serious advice on controversial matters is not appropriate when it is not clearly outlined as an OPINION. Some take this magazine to be gospel truth. Don't parade your ideas around like everyone agrees with you or children will succumb to peer pressure and start to believe they can't think for themselves. You know the power of society, that's how you sell magazines. Stop promoting the very things you say you're trying to fight (sexism, racism, ignorance), and condemning the things you say you promote (inspiring girls to think for themselves, body confidence [acne article for example]). You should probably keep a leash on Hannah Smothers too; my friends and I have recently been following some of her work and she only seems to p*ss people off and be extremely rude and discriminatory. As an individual she has a right to free speech as do we all, but as an employee it's setting a bad example for your magazine.