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ConServecollection practices

This company, conserve, sent verification information to my employer, trying to verify personal information about me. I have no accounts with this company to my knowledge and have never conducted business with a company by this name. I believe this company has violated my rights under fcra as this company has no reason to try and obtain information about me for any reason.
Thank you,
Kristie o'brien


  • Su
    Sue718 Jun 24, 2009

    I recently started getting phone calls at home and at work from this company Conserve so I googled them to see who they are.
    They supposedly work for universities on old debts.

    I got calls from a guy named Mike first claiming he was from Pace University, then he says he was from Conserve. He told me I owe Pace money from 1991, I told him he's got to be kidding me because I have never gotten anything in writing from Pace stating as such and I want something in writing detailing why I owe Pace money.

    In fact I just got my 3 credit reports last week, so I know I don't owe any money. He threatened to call my boss and payroll department to garnish my wages and hung up. I explained the situation to my boss and my bookkeeper to find out "this guy doesn't have a leg to stand on and he's only using bullying tactics". Employers require a Federal Court Order to garnish your wages, not because some collection agency called and says you owe them money.

    Ask them for detailed report in writing on why you have been sent to collections, keep a detailed report on your conversations and also make sure you report "possible fraud" to your local credit union.

    Good luck to you

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  • Co
    ConcernedConsumer2010 Feb 19, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up. I am working with my bank now. I have the same complaint.

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  • Pe
    pearl12345 Jul 09, 2010

    Call the Department of Education Federal Student Aid # for Student Loans @ [protected]. You can confirm that ConServe is sevicing your defaulted Student Loan. You can also request copies of your original promisory note. Student Loans NEVER go away. They have a right to take involuntary actions against you. Confirm that you in fact have no defaulted loans.

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