SUBMIT A COMPLAINT sign up for the service and they deducting 15 gbp for many months.

R Aug 01, 2018

05/07/18 [protected] Wly*Completesave.Co.Uk [protected] £15.00
05/01/18 [protected] Wly*Completesave.Co.Uk (Contactless In App) Eysins £15.00
05/01/17 [protected] Wly*Completesave.Co.Uk [protected] £15.00
05/01/16 [protected] Completesave.Co.Uk [protected] £15.00
05/06/15 [protected] Completesave.Co.Uk [protected] £15.00
It goes back to 4/10/2014 where I fell into signing up trap as part of cashback trainline.I was very surprised I fell for that.

This cost me 2 + 12 +12 +12+12+7 = 57 Month * 15.00 GBP = 855 GBP.

I like to complain that I have not signed up for this service in conjunction with trainline service. (Cashback trainline).

I just cancelled subscription: "Your cancel confirmation number is: s-[protected]. Your last fee was processed on 04/07/2018. However I like 810 GBP refund for service I never use. "

  • Updated by Riscy00 · Aug 01, 2018

    I have emailed to them


    Today I discovered it has been leaking 15.00 GBP since 2014 for the service I never use. After checking my email and found it was associated with trainline cashback which tied to this subscription since 4/10/2014 which has been deducting for some time until I cancelled today. I would like to ask for 855 GBP refunds dating back to 10/2014 with interest. You may find I never benefit your service or any app in my phone for this, which is the reason why you must refund 855 GBP with interest for this clever website trick that I fell for.

    In addition, I have cancelled the membership.

    Richard Payne
    1 Back Lane
    Upton, Acle
    NR13 6BN

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