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Dear Sir/Madam,

This purchase left me with feeling stupid, cheated and vulnerable.

I was flying from Vienna airport on 26.11.20116 to Heathrow, my fly was at 18.33 pm. Terminal 1, the time of purchase 4.46pm. Purchased Peeling Gel for 70 euros.

As I was passing through shops to my gate. There was a charming man standing in front of a shop, what caught my eye was a name of a shop Organic, so I did not mind to stop by to see what they have to offer.

The boy with a name Bar Nerya A. I know he was from Israel as I asked him, and I think a product I purchased is from Israel too, was standing in front of a shop holding a cream in his hands offering me to come to him that he had something for free for me. I did not mind having a chat with him as I was at the airport an hour earlier.
Anyway, he seemed charming and harmless, he was showing me first a product he was holding in his hands, then he offered me to show me his skin products.
He seated me on a seat and showed me a pealing and facial skin product and told me what sort of facial complexion I have .
First he explained the difference between the products on my wrists with a pealing and the cream on the top of it and on the other wrist without the pealing but only the cream and what difference it makes. I could clearly see that without pealing on the other wrist the facial cream does not get absorbed. Than I asked what it contains so we briefly discussed that. Anyway, I asked about the price it was 140 euro for one product pealing and the other cream was supposed to be free as it was Black Friday.

I was thinking loud that I had to think about it as it was quite a lot to me, without knowing if that product was good for me. He asked me how much time I have before my fly as I said that I go away and think about it and then come back. He then said. I have one free student voucher which I can use. So you do not need to pay 140 euros but 70 euros instead. It was still too much for me. But I spontaneously said yes, I will buy it. What he did then he started asking me if I had presents for my family, and took me away to show me a nail products in a box which contained nail polish and nail cream. I felt awkward and said that I do not need to buy that. Only then I started feeling uncomfortable, and alarm bells started ringing. He felt manipulative, cheeky, dishonest person. But I already paid for my purchased and anyway, I was still not on my guard. I let him get away with his manipulation. He gave me a "student discount" without giving me additional cream which was supposed to be for free because of Black Friday. He was also charming in a way that he will give me a discount if I smile and tell other people about a product. My alarm bells did not go off as I really thought he was genuine.

Only when I went throught the passport control I did realise that I was cheated in such an expensive shop in Vienna Airpot which I would never dream that such and expansive company would risk to loos they name, reputation in a way to cheat people in buying they products and employ such people and train them in this way. Of course, I live in Uk so I might be used to different customer service than they use in Vienna.

When I look at the facial pealing for 70 euros I feel sick in my stomach. I feel like is there anybody who could answer my questions. Why does such a company feel ok to cheat people to buy their stuff in this way? They do not care about they customers to come back ? They do not care for they customers to appreciate they product for that price and let them decide if it is worth it to buy it anyway because it is really that good that one is willing to treat herself and buy it anyway? Does not this company have any ethical values? Is this ok for them to get away with such behaviour? Are they feeling ok about me feeling cheated and manipulated? How is this possible?

Who ever read this. I would love the answers to my questions as I am really not used to be treated in shops like this.

I am looking forward to your answer as soon as possible.

Yours sincere,

Zuzana Stefkova

Phone number: [protected]

Email address: [protected]

Nov 28, 2016

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