Zumba / zumba instructor attacking minor students

I have been member of éxito studio for 15 months. My daughter and I started attending classes on regular basis. On january 29, after the 8 pm class my daughter told me that teresa ponce and mayola santiago where trying to start a fight with her and another minor. As I was questioning my daughter teresa confronted and push my daughter and the other minor. I asked her to calm down it wasn't the moment being there was other fellow students. Nancy the owner of éxito and main instructor tried to take control of the situation. But teresa keep making a scene. Mayola went to added on. I did tell nancy that this was very unprofessional and no instructor should push or put their hands on any students especially minors. She did agree with me. She said she will bring it to their attention. But how many times do you need to have something brought to your attention before changes happen? I ask for zumba to reconsider on whose certify this is unacceptable. This is not first time mayola santiago is involved in a confrontation. I asked that zumba organization take several actions. I

Jan 29, 2018

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