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People looking for friends at
Saying I have found a friend.
They are stating that their parents died, or husband died and inherited monies, between 2.5- 10.5 million dollars, looking for someone to open banking accounts so they can deposit the monies into that account and will receive 20 percent of their inheritance. Look out.

  • Zorpia's Response · Feb 19, 2017


    The message you received is a scam and Zorpia do not held any games or lotteries from which users may win a large amount of money. You may report those fraud user to us by sending an email [protected] or clicking/tapping the 'report abuse button' found in their profile or in their message to you.

  • Hussein Hamed's Response · Apr 24, 2018

    Please help me out!

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  • Wi
      Jun 07, 2013

    I agree because i have had the same emails and the latest was one that said i won some kind of visa credit card with 10.5 millions dollars on it from somewhere in the United Kingdom. I did not answer it because tried the same thing with $300, 000.00 but i had to send $300.00 to $370.00 to the UK to cover the carrier charges to send the visa card to me.

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  • Br
      Nov 26, 2013

    I do not believe it is the site itself doing this, but rather members using it as a tool for cybercrime. The same thing can happen on yahoo messenger. Since it is international and free, it costs criminals nothing to give it a shot. My main complaint is scammer profiles of people that are not real who send me likes, when I read their profile it says they are in the USA but turn out to be in Nigeria or Ghana. Be careful with any social networking site.

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  • Wi
      Sep 07, 2014

    yes i beleave this site zorpia is scammers or trying to think you have won a lottery from world bank and your identity and you bank account stay away.

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  • Ro
      May 26, 2015

    I have been Notified that I have won 850, 000 GBP from, Zorpia Promotional Lottery !!! Is this a Scam ? Can you tell me if you have anything to do with this ? They wany me to Pay some money to pay something to us customs, that's why I ask ? Please tell me ? Rocketbrand54 / Stanley I. Jones Zorpia Member 3 years !!! [protected]

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  • Ga
      Jan 18, 2016

    I also was told by the zorpia site, that I won $1, 000, 000.00 all I had to do was pay a $350.00 to UPS. But, also, the UPS site given wasn't the "UPS " website or even their email. Not sure, but just seemed unreal! !

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  •   Jan 22, 2016

    I agree, I supposedly won on 3 different occasions and reported it to the Zorpia team but they haven't answered my questions yet and it's been over 3 weeks now. The first time I was told I was the winner of one million dollars, second time one point five million dollars and the third time $850, 000.00 dollars, I wrote the company about it and they haven't even responded at all, but they did close some ones account for fraudulent activities (who just happened to send me a that I won the mega prize), performed on the site. But I haven't concluded if Zorpia is in on it or not. But not responding to my email, which I've sent several time about this issue, isn't looking very good on there part, you know.

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  • Wa
      Feb 17, 2017


    Dear Beneficiary,
    kindly contact this e-mail: customerserviceagent3 @ for the
    claim of your winning prize worth $1, 500, 000.00, Million USD
    And A Brand Jeep which your ZORPIA account profiles have won.
    Congratulations in advance.


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  • Br
      Aug 14, 2018
    Zorpia - Delete my [censored]ing account & stop sending me intros!
    Have no [censored]ing idea?!?
    United States

    These idiots keep sending me emails on intros but I don't subscribe to their dating site

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  • Hu
      Aug 20, 2018
    Zorpia - i already paid for the for a whole week of service its aint letting access what i paid for
    Tinley Park
    United States

    Hey you fix this!!

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  •   Sep 10, 2018
    Zorpia - Photos
    United States

    I have tried numerous times to submit a photo with zorpia and my name and it doesn't work
    Please unsubscribe me
    Karen Yde

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  • Da
      Sep 10, 2018
    Zorpia -
    United Kingdom

    Trying to Unsubscribe from their emails, but can't log in because my account is Restricted (no photo). Can't add a photo because a box appears over the login screen telling me my account is Restricted...

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  • Ba
      Nov 04, 2019 - Subscription
    United States

    I never agreed to renew a subscription in Twoo and they have deducted 353.99 shekels from my Visa acct. Thats highway robbery.
    Please verify this matter as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Batya Badanowski

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  • Ra
      Nov 17, 2019 - Auto debit of rs. 960 from my Citibank credit card

    Hi, I am dr. Ramkumar and rs.960 was debited from Citibank card ending with 3894. I request you to kindly revert my money back at the earliest

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