SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / avoid. avoid. avoid!

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Zwillow is a fantastic site for finding local, affordable houses, well within any budget. Unfortunately, once you actually get in touch with someone regarding the property, it's in fact not at all what was presented on the site. Hint to Zwillow: obviously, I'm interested in a property based on it's supposed price, you contacting me to tell me that's it's actually thousand of dollars outside of that range is a waste of both of our time. Zwillow is nothing more than a cleverly discuised phishing site, presenting inaccurate and blatantly false informatoin in order to draw up some business. Also beware of, a site often associated with the listings on Zwillow. I've found they're extra shady. Posting houses as "for rent" for a great price when they're actually for sale. Anything to get you to contact them so they can turn around and add you to their cold calling list. "Why no, that house isn't actually for rent for $1500 a month, but it's for sale for $400, 000." Come on?!!

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!


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