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Do not open anything from this site! They charged my credit card $99 just for looking! They will not return any of your money. I don't know how they can keep taking money with out authorization?? Stay away from here! I have aBBB complaint in, so far ...nothing!!

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  • Wi
      17th of Mar, 2012

    "Do not open anything from this site! They charged my credit card $99 just for looking!"

    for them to have access to your credit card, that means YOU had to have entered it at some point.

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  • Of
      27th of Mar, 2012

    As with other penny auction websites, to place bids and win products on Zbiddy, you must first register and purchase a bid package. The requirement to purchase bids is explicitly stated on the website and in the terms and conditions. If you were unaware that you were purchasing bids when entering your credit card information and selecting a package level, a ZBiddy Customer Service agent is in place to assist you with your concerns and can be reached at 1-888-406-6509 Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 12am EST.

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  • Mi
      15th of May, 2012

    @wifi8827 Its true! if you want your money back, do the following, first try to call at 9 pm or 10 pm EST. that way your call will be answered in the callcenter that is located in colombia, once you`ve done that request your money, DO NOT GET ANGRY, just very politely request your money say that you are not happy, that you will complain with the BBB, also that you have your bank in the line, if the person offers you a Gift Card dont accept it, then they will try to offer you a 50% plus the GC, DONT accept it, then they will offer you a 75%, after that if they wont agree to a full refund, say and do this "ok I will call my bank and have them dispute this" and then hung up the phone, they will have to call you back and then they will give you a full refund. how do I know this, well cuz I worked there.

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  • Ka
      3rd of Sep, 2012

    I just checked their site and it if mentioned Packages are not refundable on their terms and condition page. I urge you to read the terms and condition before you jump in.

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  • Bl
      24th of Nov, 2012

    What a shame that you have to threat to sue them and inform them of your bank credit protection program to get your refund back. I did just this last night: politely requested the refund, declined all the offers, reminded them of malpractice and it was my courtesy to ask for refund instead of using other approaches. After spending 28 minutes on the phone, I called my bank and verified that the $99 charge had been reversed, which took me another 16 minutes. Misato, how much did you get paid from the fraudulent money? I'm glad you left.

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  • El
      11th of Jan, 2013

    How long should it take to get the refund to show up? I called yesterday and after declining all offers, they told me I would get my money back.
    I haven't received anything back-
    Usually these things are very quick.

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  • Ar
      23rd of Nov, 2013

    Complaining to the BBB is a 100% waste of time, they can't do anything but give a bad rating. Contact law enforcement as it is fraud (they charged me $84 when I clicked on an item that said trial and a penny, and I backed out when the amount showed, and never hit authorize, yet they still charged it)

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