Zazzle / 65th birthday invitations

on 3/29 i ordered 20 of you cute 64.95 cards. i did not want it filled in, i 2qw going to do that. at any rate i paid over 44.00 to have these cards expressed to me, i paid over 71.00 for cards i was filling in myself.
i have not yet received them and it is april 3rd.

i no longer need the cards as it was promised 2 days, and it wasn't even customized!!!
i see you had no problem processing you fee for the cards in a timely matter, but i counted on them, or i wouldn't have paid all that postage!!
i wish to receive a full refund on this order since nothing was printed on the cards. its a real shame, they were cute, now don't have them for my husbands special part.
ORDER NO.[protected]
LINDA GOLD [protected]

Apr 03, 2017

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