Zaxbys / service and food

Atlanta, GA, United States

I used to eat at Zaxbys several times a week for lunch and or dinner. The quality of the food started declining. Chicken fingers are burnt or over cooked in old grease. Fries no longer get season salt on them. Well after not eating there for about two months, I went back to get my free birthday nibbler. I also ordered a side of fried mushrooms. When they served this joke of an appetizer to me, I let them know I was not happy with the amount of very few mushrooms I had in my box. The manager was called over and told me that corporate sets the mandate on how much product to give you. The mushrooms are weighed out into 5 ounces!!! I'm sorry but I can't afford to pay $4.06 for that little amount of mushrooms! There wasn't enough in that box to completely cover the bottom of it! I asked for my money back and went on my way.

Jan 17, 2017

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