Zaxbysrude management awful training

Lmao The managers] are some of the rudest pieces of #### that I've ever met like are you kidding me. I would know because I worked there for quite a while till I quit and realized that this job was #### and the pay was ####. The only nice manager that there was jack. Give this dude a raise because he puts up with so much crap it's not even funny. He was one of the best managers there and actually cared about us employees. The rest of them like James and Maxi couldn't even give a ####. The only thing they cared about was getting high and talking about what their favorite drugs were on their break or when it was slow. I kid you not when I say this if you don't believe me go and apply and work their yourself. They bullied us in front of customers if we didn't fit in their little pothead group and made us feel like crap. A few of my friends cried because of how they were treated and it was sad to see and experience myself. We were hardly trained by those two so when they would throw us on drive thru and would expect us to be rock stars at the job made us even more frustrated. Because first, they will tell you to basically #### off and to stand in a corner when you're working your a## off to try and get the job done so that they can do it themselves. Or they would put you on break if they don't want to deal with you or want you out of their sight. But then they'll get mad at your for following their specific orders because your doing so called nothing *air quotes* When we would ask for more hours to sacrifice our off days to get better at the job and mind you the job is far from where most of even live. James would laugh, ignore us, talk rudely about us behind our backs and wouldn't even give us the time of day and that's not a way to treat your employees. Especially if you don't know what's going on in their life outside of work. What you all need to understand is that most of your cashiers and other workers are friends and will tell each other when the managers are being rude and shady. So it will not surprise me when most of the employees that are working their now will quite by the end of the year because of crappy treatment. They even do some of the nastiest weirdest #### with the food that I've seen in my life that made me wanna hurl. Like they'll pick chicken or some kind of food that fell on the ground and would put back on the customer's plate in the back. Or they'll use stale products and would recook them so that the customers won't even notice. There was one time where James ate a few pieces of chicken off of a customers plate that he was cooking for just cause he was annoyed. My mom is even going to corporate because of it because no human being should be treated like they are useless. Especially not for some crappy $7.25 paid job.

Jan 17, 2017

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