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Florida Mall Zara, United States

Your employees in the Florida mall store are extremely rude. They refused to give me their names or ID numbers to write a complaint. The girl laughed in my face as she tossed a shirt onto a messy sales pile. Ferdie was the manager...I found that out after about 10 minutes I spent waiting for him to appear from the back when I asked for him to speak with me so I can go to corporate about this. I went into the store on Friday Feb 1st to shop for an outfit for my daughter to wear to an audition. We were in the dressings room with different outfits we put together. I came out and asked for a pink soft knit shirt that was on the mannequin. The sizes are the rack were way too big the only size 7 available was on the mannequin. The girl said she would ask the manager and then came back to me and told me that is not possible. I asked the manager and he said its policy they cannot touch the mannequins. He was extremely rude and the girl was even more disgraceful laughing that it was funny I asked for their names so I can speak with corporate about this. As a woman and a mother I always do the shopping and I have never had a company be so unhelpful during the process of picking and outfit. I shop at the Disney springs Zara more than anywhere else but I will not be returning to any Zara after that experience. Happy to find a new favorite store with employees who actually enjoy their job and are happy to help their customers get what they need.

Feb 8, 2019

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