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I purchased appx. $350 worth of clothes on December 17th.
After Christmas the sizes were incorrect for my kids and they wanted to exchange it. So we went to the Zara store in Garden State Mall in Paramus New Jersey on Jan 7th. We stood in line for 20 minutes to get a store credit. The manager there at the time said they were out of credit vouchers and cannot give us any. So I said I have the original receipt at home but kids want to buy something so I just want store credit. She couldn't give it and said to come back with original to get refund!
Next Saturday on Jan 14th I took the kids and we picked up stuff that they wanted and stood in line again for 15-20 minutes to exchange. Now the exchange stuff was not equivalent to the original purchase and again the manager said she had no credit vouchers so the exchange had to be exact or more or we would lose the money!!! So we did not want anything else and did not do the exchange. At this point I was frustrated!!!
So on Tuesday Jan 24th, I went to the store again with my original receipt and said I want a refund. The cashier said we cant issue refund because now I was past 30 days policy!!! When I asked to speak with the manager and told her my last 2 weeks visit to their store - she said I can give you credit I have one last voucher that I can give you!!! Another lady next to me wanted credit as well and she was told there are no more credit vouchers!!!
This was done on purpose so we spend more money and store doesn't loose sales.
These unethical business tactics have cost Zara a good customer!!!
Sorry for your loss.

Jan 25, 2017
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  •   Jan 25, 2017

    No store has to accept a return, so the fact that they gave you one is a gift.

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