SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / return without a recite - kids pants

San Jose, CA, United States
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I am smart and loyal shopper at Sara stores, and shop regularly at all departments. Recently i had an event to attend to and i shopped many outfit at the kid department story at Vally Fiar Mall in San Jose. I shopped for pants in different sizes to try for my kids, to my disappointment that particular pants did not work and i had to return it to the store. I ended up buying some other pants on line since they weren't found on the store. I came to return few of the things i have bought i was able to return the ones that were found on the recite except one pair in which the recite has not been found. I have told them i dont recall loosing the recite since all of the others are here with me. Maybe they werent handed to me and havent been put in the Safe as employees has been learned to say that there is a company policy that when a recite left behind they put it in a safe.
So i said it is clear to me that there is no recite therefore, i am asking for a store credit rather then money back. It is only fair and aligned with retail stores standards that when recite is not found there should be a store credit
that will allow customer in the future to return and enjoy shopping and shop more. Instead i was left aggravated, frustrated and disappointment of this experience. On top of this Sara saying out of nice gesture it will allow me to replace the pants for the same pants - The one I don't want, or don't like or don't fit, or any other reason to the same one different size. Insulting and underestimating their customers. I found the manager reluctant and close minded to address the issue and solve the problem to my satisfaction.
Sara must change its return policy and stand up to today shopping standards its register is old and does not fit the fast past of shopping and technology in which recites can be mailed or tracked on credit card.

Jun 15, 2017

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