Zara.compoor service at zara tygervalley store in cape town


Nelisa here. I visited your Tygervalley store last night. As I made my way to the fitting room to try on the clothing I had selected a manager who was on the floor (an African man - to help you try track who was on duty), walks up to me and says, 'Sorry the fitting rooms are closed, we close them at 19h00'. I said okay and placed the clothes on the counter and left the store.

It is upsetting that NONE of your staff on the floor who saw me shopping, your manager included warned that your fitting rooms will be closed at 19h00 if I had intentions of trying on the clothes I had. This would have taken them 15seconds at the most. Worse of all the store was NOT busy, staff were sorting clothes on shelves and rails, it was obvious I was picking clothes - and assuming I wouldn't be trying them on would be short sightedness on their part. At some point I thought the manager was one of your customers because he walked past me a number of times and kept looking - I thought this was strange, he also was not dressed in some sort uniform so there was no way I would've thought he was staff. It was only when he followed me as I walked up to the fitting room did I realise he actually worked at the store. At this point it must've been at least a minute after 19h00 as there was an announcement that the store and fitting rooms were closed; no pre warning! The point I am making is that this man had ample opportunity to inform, warn me and ultimately avoid upsetting customer.

I have no problem at all with your store rules but you need to train your staff to have the common decency to deliver good customer service and communication on the floor is key. Other clothing stores allow customers who are in the shop to try on clothing they have selected - so there's no way I would have known things are different with your store unless you 'ambassadors'/ staff open their mouths and communicate. I would not have had an issue had I been told to start making my way the fitting rooms in time. I wasted my time and fuel driving from Goodwood to Tygervalley only to leave empty handed.

This is not a lot to ask. The same manner a waiter will inform a table they are serving that the kitchen/ bar will be closing at a particular time so as to take last orders.

I called your store this morning to ask for the store manager's name who was on duty and a lady by the name of 'Lisa' (not sure if that's her real name as she was hesitant) tells me she cannot give out the store managers name. Absolute nonsense. You are in the business of delivering customer service and product; I find it strange that your staff cannot give out a store manager's name? I'm utterly disappointed and would expect a premium store such as ZARA to have quality staff and deliver quality service.

I trust that you will train your staff to communicate better as well as being customer centric as this issue would've been solved in a matter of seconds if done right.

I would appreciate an apology from the said manager and acknowledgement that he now knows better and make a concerted effort in leading his team by example.

I look forward to your response.

Nelisa Sinuka
[protected] / Sinuka.[protected]

Dec 12, 2018

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