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Los Angeles, CA, United States
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About three weeks ago I wanted to purchase a dress from your website, but my size was not available. However, it said that the store at The Grove in Los Angeles, carries my size. I went to the store and didn't find the dress. The employee told me she can place an order and they will ship the dress to the store within a week. I came back a week later and was told that the dress didn't arrive. This time they gave me a printout that they ordered the dress. The following week I went back to the store and the dress was damaged. I didn't want to wait and was willing to purchase the damaged item for a discount. I was told that it is against store policy. They only option I was given was to order the dress again. This time I was told to come back next day. Next day I came back and once again the dress was not delivered. The manager that told me to come back wasn't at the store, even though I specifically asked him if he will be working and was assured that he would be. The other manager, Charbelle told me that she doesn't know when the dress will arrive. That is after I drove 3 times to the store and waited 3 weeks just to hear every time that next week or business day should receive my item. I have been a Zara customer for years, but this latest experience has me quite disappointed. The managers were not competent, not helpful and to be honest quite rude. Especially the last time, as I was understandably quite upset since I waisted a lot of time coming to the store and needed once and for all a timeline on when I can possibly receive the item. Charbelle refused to give me a timeline and was quite abrupt. It is very disappointing to receive such poor customer service. I expected more from Zara. Quite upset and still not sure if the item will ever be delivered to the store.

Apr 30, 2017

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