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Today I was at the Zara in downtown Vancouver. I am familiar with many of their ### sales ladies, today was no exception.

I was trying on pants in the kids department because being petite, those are the only pants at Zara that are the right length for me. I say, "excuse me" to a sales lady, she eyes me haughtily so I clarify, "I have a Question". This medium height, brown straight hair pulled back in a ponytail, striking red lipstick- witch raises her eyebrows as if it is causing her pain to acknowledge me. "How much does Zara's denim stretch?"

"I don't know because I don't buy stuff from the kids section".

The other times I've shopped at Zara on Robson, the short large-nosed and dyed hair Persian girl that always works at the fitting rooms on the first floor has consistently without fail been one mighty ###. "Make sure you bring everything back on hangers". She says this while looking like she wants to rip your head off and tear it into shreds.

Most of the other sales people at Zara on Robson (DT Vancouver) look pretty murderous. My apologies to all these poor girls for being so sad and miserable. If all you are shooting for is a dead-end job, then do something you actually enjoy.

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  • Ar
      8th of Oct, 2009

    Let me start by saying I am huge fan of ZARA since it opened its store next to Bloomies (the old Fiorucci site) sometime ago. To day, I was disappointed. I purchase a blouse that was supposed to be Large. I tired one in large but the fit was fine but the front seam was undone so I picked another large (the big tag said large) on 9/30. I was going to wear the blouse today cut the side tag and the blouse did not fit. The neck tag said it was a small. I went to get another one and a nice person named Frank told me to hold on to it for month he thought they would be getting it in again. I was about to leave and saw another blouse and was going to exchange for this one. I had my receipt and was told that they could not because the inner tags were taken off and they needed it. I looked at the refund sign and there is no mention of this anywhere. I have the receipt and flatly told I could not do it and that any one can easily cut that big tag. I am not just anyone. I am a customer service person too and surprised at the assumption that all clients are sneaky cheats. So I asked for the store manager, it turned out to be her I was talking too... This disappointed me even further knowing that this person was your manager.
    Now took those much-needed tickets in nice little plastic zip lock back to the store tonight. Imagine my surprise, further humiliated when the sales person at register went over to the rack where the blouses that were left stood, took one from the rack and check these inner tags – I took that to mean that again someone would cheat the store of credible tags that say ZARA on them, button attached matched the blouse. Needless to say, I asked for refund – no exchange, no new blouse, but full refund to my account. I will think twice and look else for clothing before walking into the ZARA PR store. In other words unless I have to. Sounds like someone need to train these folks on how to be a “Fred”. With the exception of Frank the sales rep who welcomed me into the store and got me to look at other items, the was no “Fred Factor” at ZARA today.
    Thank you and have great evening.

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  • Za
      29th of Dec, 2009

    I have been treated so rudely by the staff at Zara that I dont want to set foot in the store again. That too am a regular customer - in fact 80% of my shopping this winter has been at Zara. But I cannot TOLERATE their behaviour anymore.

    The man at the gate - at their entrace at the Westfield shopping mall in London was so rude to me that I dont even know why I entered the store after that. He literally barked at me: the store closes in 20 minutes. It was jst the attitude in which he spoke to me that pissed me off. That too I had my eye on some stuff and landed up picking it up.

    At the Oxford Circus store, I was waiting in line to try clothes on and this Shop Assistant walks by shouting at us like truant children "please queue in front of the desk"!! and she said it soooo RUDELY! Treated us as if we were cattle. Once again I did pick up what I intended to buy but this is the very last I can tolerate of their snotty behaviour.

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  • Bi
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Recently i hv been through so much issues with zara stores and also their head office after talking to a lady in their head office on long distance phone call for almost 20 minutes to get a refund which didnt push through, i bought almost 700 dollars clothing from zara last week and one of the blazers was white color which means just sitting on shelf could hold some serious dust so when i brought it back to exchange they store manager came with a attitude and very rude and didnt want to listen to my side and hand me off the the company head office lists which i did contacted but the lady over the phone said she just got of the phone from Zara metrotown location and based on their store manager conversation the lady didnt listen to me at all so than i ask for district managers number but they refused to give it too, i, m trying to find their RVP or someone who is more customer service oriented else they will be in media sometime this month i work for Press and i own my magazine company i wont hesitate to write a blog on next papers, with all these hassle Zara better fix their customer service level and bring it to at least compare to pawn shop standard, well even pawn shops has better service then ZARA

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  • Ee
      24th of May, 2010

    I had a terrible and humiliating experience at Zara (Robson Street) Vancouver, B.C. I wanted to return a unworn blouse and the cashier, her name is Melisa (a Korean young lady, very rude), did not greet us or nicely asked me why i wanted to return the blouse. She did not speak a single word with me and my sister. She simply took the shirt and went to the manager. Seconds later, the Manger came and told me that I cannot return the item because it's dirty. I have my receipt, the tag is still on the blouse and I have never even worn it. There's a tiny stain inside the front pocket which I did not even notice when I bought it. The blouse is of linen material and that piece of dirt was apparently stuck on the inside pocket. It was not even burnt mark. Then I was looking at that tiny speck of dirt and picking at it. She then said that I have made a hole and she couldn't accept the merchandise which was even more absurd. There was no hole and I am sure she would put the shirt back on the rack and sell it. The Manager kept repeating that it's dirty they cannot accept it. If customers find defects with purchased products after, they can all return or exchange the merchandies in any other stores. She was VERY rude, I worked in retail induistry before too, and this is not the way to treat customers. She doesn't care about customers. It is a defective blouse, is it my fault that I did not check it? She said it's NOT their responsibility to check for us. So she's accusing me for no valid reasons. I could understand that some people might have worn the clothes and tried to return the products. Basically she was accusing me for doing the same and it is just ridiculous. She then lastly said that she is letting me return it as a favor and that I shouldn't return any merchandise with comprised condition. I have never been treated like this in any stores and I even felt being discriminated against with my appearance (of race and age). I doubt that she would speak to others the way that she spoke to me. I felt the need to make this complaint becuase the customer service was so terrible and it made shopping at Zara a terrible experience. Despite the fact I love Zara, I will never shop at this location and I will make sure all my friends know about this.

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  • Sh
      9th of Jun, 2010

    I would like to report this terrible experience at Zara downtown Vancouver at Robson street on Friday 4th, june 2010.around 7pm.

    We had bought a blazer and pants for 330.29CAD, for a wedding ceremony. As I was hamming and pressing it. The cloth just falling apart with small hole. I was shocked to see that. And I checked the label and read in different language, that is 62% wool, 35%polimida polyamde, and 3%elastano.there was no other warning on the label to say not to be pressed.

    In panic, I called the store and Miss April kindly talked to me and told me to came the store and see what manager could do,
    At the mean time, she put one more pant aside for me to buy.
    Right away, I went to the store to show her the pants
    and that evening manager___?took the pants, and went out of the store ;
    When he came back, he just slammed the pants on the counter and yelled at me: you burned it and it is all your fault and rudely left us without any other words.
    I have a witness with me, we both felt speechless of his attitude, never experience such rude clerk in my life.
    We spent over $437CAD with our invoice#39009 and receipt #c30936212-001-001-816-0 on2010/05/30 and invoice#039492 and receipt#c30936212-001-001-208-0 on 2010/06/04.
    and we were treated like a street person.
    I felt the need to make this complaint because the customer service was so terrible and it made shopping at Zara a terrible experience. Despite the fact I love Zara, I will never shop at this location and I will make sure all my friends know about this.

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  • Bi
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Dont worry about it you arent the only one, i went above and beyond with their corporate and district level and a district manager suppose to call me but its been one month no updates at all . its waste of time to run around them, i went to better business beaureu and filed a complaint too and next month its gona be on vancouver sun and province i work for media and i will make them regret and hv rude managers that they hv hired to be fired on the spot

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  • Ju
      5th of Jul, 2010

    clearly you have a boring life to go home and complain about this...

    i love how many people think "retail" is such a piece of cake... zara is not even slightly similar to any other store besides H&M where we deal with all kinds of ghetto, annoying people who make a fuss about anything every 2 minutes... do you think we can keep a smile forthe whole day, when we have poor people trying to "get discounts", asking lame questions everysecond?? irregardless if this is our job, it doesnt mean we'll keep a permanent smile 24/7 for $9/hr!

    PLease!!... dont even bother shopping there if you pay so much attntion to someone's mood... go for wat you go there for, grab your god damn item, line up, pay for it and respect the policy!

    sooooo dumb-minded.

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  • Ma
      28th of May, 2011

    I wish I had read these comments before I went into the Robson St, Vancouver Zara store. I also had a no response from the main office in Montreal. I'm not going to get into it, but no one wants to go beyond their policy to get this defective merchandise exchanged from the corporate office and the store. I will think twice again of buying Zara clothes anywhere in Canada. Quite frankly, I think Zara's customer service in the United States is awesome. I have never had any issue in any of the stores here. The store managers at the Robson St. are very multicultural. I grew up in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and Taipei, and good retail customer service there is non-existent. There is no such thing as returns. I got the scrutanizing look from the Asian manager for returning and exchanging a defective merchandize from that store. No smiles at all. Her silence when she was approving the return for the sales associate cashier made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Oh by the way, I asked what the return policy was and she emphasized on "make sure the tag is still on the clothes" with an untrusting tone. So I guess what I am saying is that the service I received was culture-dependent. In Hong Kong and Taipei, the retailer is always right and the customer is wrong. Not that I am saying that Asians are bad people, it's a cultural thing. The question is: Why isn't the corporate office in Montreal calling me back after I have left three messages on their voicemail about exchanging their defective merchandise? Think twice before stepping into that store.

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  • Ma
      28th of May, 2011

    I agree with you. In Asia (Hong Kong and Taipei), the retailer is always right and the customer is wrong. I always stay away from Asian sales people with an accent if I can help it when I return things. They are ask too many questions and they scrutinize the merchandise. They seem to have difficulty in trusting customers. I'm assuming it's probably because they have tried or have done something dishonest themselves like what she accused you of. Anyone who can accuse a customer something like that must have done it before. If all that person can see is maliciousness, then she might have done something like that, right? Every retailers should learn Nordstrom customer service.

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  • Ca
      24th of Jan, 2012

    Vancouver BC.Worst retail customer service ever.Bought $650.00 worth of clothes for my three daughters at Christmas. I only needed to return 1 bag. I was treated like a criminal.The bag was still in the Christmas box with all the tags. Perfect crisp condition and the associate was a monster.I can't remember ever having a retail experience like the one today. I will never be back. It is Aritzia all the way from now on.

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  • On
      19th of Jul, 2012 - It is scam
    United States

    I ordered a jacket from online store They took $129 for the jacket and also $15 for the delivery. They used to send it to me the next day. Actually I think it’ a scam. I was waiting for a month and still got nothing. It’s time to call the police.

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  • Ak
      23rd of Aug, 2012

    horrible staff, i'm quite a wealthy person and they don't even offer to hold stuff for me while i get more things at their store. how the [censored] am i supposed to contribute to their store if they can't even hold onto it for five minutes?

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  • Na
      6th of Mar, 2013

    Just come back from a visit to Zara at Westfield, Stratford. Having waited in line for SOOOO long in the one on Oxford Street recently I thought I would get there early. Loads of staff on the shop floor, but when I went to pay, only 2 tills open. The cashiers were serving very slowly and constantly chatting. There were only 2 people in front of me, but it still took 15 minutes to get served. No apology and by the time I did get served there were about 10 people waiting. Lots of other staff came up during the 15 minutes, would interupt the cashiers slowing them even further, but not one thought to get on the till. In protest I decided not to buy one of the items that I had. I will attempt to use the online service in future, but from the look of this website that is just as bad!

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  • Et
      30th of Apr, 2013

    Zara Inditeks has started to create many enemies within the last few years. While their product quality issues raised significantly their customer service at store level worsened immensely. The worst experience I had was due to a defective zipper on a Black Tag Zara jeans from 2013 winter. The zipper was not holding up and kept opening by itself. Mens depratment store manager Miguel did not resolve the issue but rejected to provide any sympathy.

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  • Ha
      19th of Nov, 2013

    I'm really disappointing! I bought a veste and pantalon 4 days ago, when I get back to home I found pocket of pants are opened and there's a big hole inside. 4 days after, I went to back the shop and request an exchange. they didn't ask for big tag, as I was about to wear to work another day so I have to cut it. however, the manager came and took a look said straight to my face that I opened pocket and accidentally broke the pocket. what a bull ###! the lining of pocket wasn't finish properly, how could she not see that! They losing me! I won't go again. but this is not done! as I asked for her name, she refused give me full name! so not right. I'm from New Zealand, this is never happens!! I'm file complain to BBB, you should do so!!!

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  • Sr
      20th of Jan, 2014
    Zara - Rude associates, poor customer service
    United States

    I went to Zara to return a gift I received for Christmas. I loved the sweater but the day I put it on I realized it had a giant snag right across the front. I had taken the tags off before I put it on because I had planned on keeping the sweater. I brought the shirt in and shopped around for about an hour and went to the register to do the return and purchase a few more items. At the register the rude cashier pushed the sweater across the desk to me and said we can't take this the tags have been taken out. I had the tags with me but she said it didn't matter they were already removed and they couldn't sell it so they couldn't return it. HELLO it's a damaged sweater, nobody is going to spend their hard earned money on a ruined sweater! The manager was just as rude as the cashier and I just left with my damaged sweater and did not make a purchase. I called and sent an email to Zara and have never heard back from them. I am done spending my money at Zara.

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  • Kj
      8th of Jun, 2014
    Zara (Mall Of Asia) - Customer made to pay a broken tester bottle
    Zara (Mall of Asia)
    Pasay City

    Hi All,

    I would like to ask for advice regarding an incident which occurred at Zara Mall of Asia Branch.

    My friend broke a tester bottle at Zara and the management asked her to pay for the full price of the tester bottle. We reasoned out that we don't have to pay for it since the item is free. The manager insisted for the payment due to their accounting and S.O.P practice. Are they valid?

    What are the legal basis for customers to refuse payment to an item which is considered free? In this case, tester bottle with sample scents on it.

    Thank you.


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  • Te
      18th of Jun, 2014

    Hope this email found you well.
    Today I was shopping in Zara(48-52 high street Kensington London) and forgot my handbag in the dressing room. It was a last sale around quarter past 8 with transaction number - 214663 for £202.96. I was really pushed to leave the shop and could not finish my shopping. This probably the reason why I have forgot my bag in the rush. I have international expirience in shopping with Zara and this customer service is the worst of them all. Unfortunatly that is not the worst part of my evenning.

    I have came back later and one of the staff members told me that Zara is closed and they can not deal with my issue. Furthermore my phone call have been ignored by the manager while she continued to do something inside the shop. It was very important for me to get my hand bag back as there was my house keys and cach inside. In the end no one have helped me and I had to spend this night in my friend's house. Because I had no money and travel card, I have expirienced a lot of issues getting back home.

    My handbag contains Ipad Mini, house keys, £265 cash, student card, oyster card and other values. I hope to get it back tomorrow and I hope that no one will be threated like me in the future. Especially your loyal customers like me.

    Please take this information into consideration.

    Kind Regards

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  • Ze
      25th of Jun, 2014


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  • Ma
      10th of Jul, 2014

    Zara inditex has certainly become far too big for their boots. They do not care about their customers & this is evident in the type of store staff they employ and their dispicable customer service. The Sandton store in South Africa should rather close it's doors, their tills don't work ever! You wait in a queue for 45 minutes to pay with one till open in the children's section. The idle staff stand by while one cashier in tags, rings and packs garments???? The store manager is in the store room having a meeting during a massive sale! Oh and don't ask for the head office telephone number ... This one is hilarious the staff are not permitted to give it out? The truth is no one cares!

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  • Ms
      9th of Aug, 2017

    @Mandy181 Zara gave me two different size of shoes those are for my kids. Today I visited there store at square one in Mississauga to replace it with correct size but according to manager those shoes are out of stock so I asked for refund but manager was telling me that he will pay me today's price that was less then which I paid to then so I left those shoes at there store without taking my refund. So poor service and manager is also not cooperating. So I called them in there customer services centre but sorry to say u I did not get any positive response from them. So I will never go to there store again. Very very poor customer services

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  • Za
      1st of Dec, 2014

    Today I was in the new zara store in Newmarket, and I wanted to return a kids jersey and the cashier call many many times her manager to authz the return. And after waiting a long long time to return the item, the manager never came.
    So I was very upset because in retail you have to drop what are you doing and get attention to your Customers first. No customer no money, no money no business in fact no employes. So how it's posssible that there is not a assistant manager or a key holder to authz any return or exchange., poor customer service, poor product knowledge, poor training, poor aproach poor, poor, poor. The Manager Rebecca should be fired. And the store should hire a human as a Manager. Who care about the customer experience. And the company future.
    I going to contact the district manager I see what happens.

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  • Ni
      13th of Jan, 2015

    This may have the worst exchange policy and the worst customer service out of any store i have Ever shopped. I will not give them any business. I should have known as the sales associate was rolling his eyes at the customer before me and looked so troubled by her asking for a different size. I had a gift for my son that did not fit him and was trying to do an even exchange for a different size. The associate was clueless on procedures and the management was pompous. I drove 30 minutes to make this exchange and there was zero compassion. You can tell they are not a store that caters or cares about their customers.

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  • Ta
      15th of Jan, 2015

    I cant say that I disagree with how everyone feels.
    I am an employee of Zara, and please let me tell you, we dont mean to act like complete ###, and we try to help you the best we can. Please hear me out though. When we go against what we are suppose to do and how Zara wants it, ### rolls down hill. We get into ### for going against policy, as a head cashier I have dealt with many people and felt very bad for them, if I had been a manager of the Alberta store, I would definitely allow returns and different policy procedures. I do not agree with it, and HO stresses us out so much we cant help but feel miserable.
    It also helps when we dont have rude customers coming at us from every angle. Sometimes the customers, are the ones to ruin us as well.We have to build a wall up to stand against the rude people that we encounter. Rarely do people ever say hi to you, which in return does not want us to speak to you. Being on cash, if you stand on your phone I wont speak to you, and its your own fault if you miss the return policy. Also, when you try to return used items, for your money back because you have found something else, and try to write it off as something we did we dont appreciate it very much. Customer service is given to people who deserve it in that store. It is a privilege because half the people that walk in there think they are better. From our mangement and HO we take a toll on our mental capacity for stress and I apologize on behalf of Zara Employees, but just remember we are stuck in hell as well.

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  • Co
      26th of Jan, 2015

    hi what do guys do if a store manager at one of the Ottawa store at bayshore is abusing her discounts and taking items from the store. They also have very bad customer service

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  • Av
      12th of Feb, 2015

    Terrible customer service at Zara in Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ. Store Manager Vivian is the leader of that rude group of sales people. Stay away from this Zara store. If you go there to return stuff that you purchased online, they give an attitude like you have never seen before. shame on them. I hope they never find another job in customer service.

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  • Lw
      15th of Jan, 2016

    Stay away from Zara at Bayshore Mall in Ottawa. Their inflexible refund policy aside, one of their “commercial managers” is the most unprofessional person I have ever come across. My sister who was with me, a retired bank manager said she had never seen anything worse. There were 25 to 30 people in line 2 days in a row with only one cashier on. It was the last day for Xmas returns. Michelle Pine (don't know if it is the correct spelling) refused to give me her name so I could file a complaint stating that she said she was on lunch and did not have to give it to me. After saying she would be on lunch for another 15 minutes she further told me that she would not give it me even then.The assistant supervisor also refused to give her name. Rather than having this discussion in another location they continued in front of the only cashier, further holding up the line.

    I stood in line to return an item for almost 30 minutes 2 days in a row. There was only one cashier both days. I had to give up because I could no longer stand awaiting a knee replacement the following week. The 3 people in front of me were all refused to return their items. One lady just left her sweater which had never been worn on the counter with tags on and 2 large holes in the back and told the cashier to just keep it. She had missed the holes when she purchased it.

    I realized I was getting nowhere and decided to leave at which point another irate customer came up to me and gave me the manager's name. How she knew it I do not know. In the meantime this manager was in a physical altercation with another unhappy customer, grabbing her arm and pushing her. It was total chaos in that store with one tearful cashier trying to deal with a lineup of about 30 people. I certainly felt sorry for that young girl. Customers were just giving up and leaving.

    After obtaining the manager’s name (Michelle Pine) I went find her in an another part of the store. Three employees were just standing there chatting while on the other side of the store the one cashier was left on her own. I let the manager know that I had her name and I would be filing a complaint. At this point she went completely berserk yelling and screaming at me. She was infuriated, demanding to know who had given me her name. As I was walking away not responding to her, she started to scream that I had no right to know what her name was, demanded to know who had given it to me. She then continued to scream for someone to get security. The assistant manager at this point also started yelling for someone to get security. I must say that at no point had I raised my voice or was aggressive in any way. All I wanted was a phone number and the managers name so that I could file a complaint. I left the store followed by several other customers who by that time had given up on their purchases and came up to me to express their total disgust.

    There seems to be no reasonable compromise with Zara. No exceptions of any kind. Their policy is their policy and the managers have no authority to do anything, not even give out a credit. I must add that I am a 65 year old woman, not some hot headed teenager. I have managed a customer service call centre with over a hundred employees and have never come across anything like this.

    After filing a written complaint I got a stock reply thanking me for my input and saying if I had any FURTHER queries I could call again. Not being satisfied I wrote again asking for someone to call me. I then received a phone call and we went over everything that had happened. Once again I may have just been talking to a wall. This supervisor had nothing to offer or satisfy my justifiable complaint. At this point I did not even care about my return. I was just disgusted with the embarassment these employees had put me through. Not a store credit or even a reprimand for the incredibly rude Michelle Pine. Asking what the point of her phone call was I was then told that my feedback would be used for further training. So once again I was supposedly helping them while they took my money. The customer will never win with this company. We are talking about $32. hardly worth any of this. I am only making a point because of the principle of the entire matter. This is a huge International company and they deserve all the negative reviews that are posted all over the internet. Stay away, by far the worst retail store on the planet. Unbelievable.

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  • La
      3rd of Mar, 2016

    Hi the Zara store in Vancouver just want your money. I bought booties 2 months ago. My mother died the next day and I had to leave Vancouver . After I came back I realized that one pair is bigger than the other one and the smaller left foot bothering me. I took them back to store they said they need the receipt first. I said I do not have a receipt but I have my master card to prove to you that I bought this booties for $78, 39. They said they can only refund me $30 which I refused. Finally I came home and I looked for the receipt and I found it and now they are saying one month passed so we do not exchange or refund or credit me for the purchase in the store. They have the worst store policy in Canada. They want to just your money and once they have it they do not give it back. So many excuses to keep your money. No respect for their customers. Please do not shop there.

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  • Re
      24th of May, 2016

    I bought a jacket in Singapore April 1st. May 18th the zip broke. I took it into the Sydney store to exchange or refund where I was advised that they won't do anything because I bought it in a different country. Singapore head office won't do anything either because I am in a different country...massive waste of $109. I will never shop there again. Poor quality and even worse customer service.

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