Zara Store, Square One Mall / bad customer service

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I went in to square one Zara store in Mississauga and i was looking for one of those corset belts. I asked one of he employees if they could help and they said that I needed to go to the fitting room and ask because they carry them in the front of the store, which I found but went anyway. I asked the young lady I'm looking for a black corset belt, she moaned and said she needed a reference number, so I had to search on my phone just to find the belt. When I did she looked on her device and said she will get it after waiting 10 mins she's said its coming another 10 mins and I'm getting worried to why the belt hasn't come. Another man walks in and ask what is happening and the lady says that I'm waiting for the belt. He then says how many in stock and she goes 2 and then I knew myself as I've worked in retail before that usually means your don't have any or that it would be hard to find. Hen I'm very angry at this point, my time was wasted for an item I was told I would get but didn't. I explained to the man that I waited here for 20mins and now one told me. He that moans at me saying I'm he manager and that no one would know about the stock. All my years working in retail have I never heard that no one single employee would not know about how much stock is listed and what the situation is when there is only a few left. He manager was so rude to me saying that it's not the girls fault and that I should have asked the people in the front of the store which I did and was referred to the fitting room. I'm the customer, I should have been put first. They should have apologized to me saying we are sorry for the misunderstanding and that my employee was not aware and we are sorry we made you wait this long. They should have surgested where I may get the belt either online or in another store. But did not care for me and what I wanted. I felt like I was being attached by bother employees and I will not for stand for this behaviour. I will never return to this store.

Mar 22, 2017

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