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I pray that you will be able to assist me in getting back my money from Zales Jewelers! I have tried repeatedly to work this out unsuccessfully and not sure where to turn at this point.

I am a truck driver and therefore in different cities from day to day. This past September 2009 was my 16th wedding anniversary. On August 30, 2009, Istopped at a Zales store and purchased a ring for my wife for our anniversary. The total purchase price was $175.28 which I put on my Zales account. The account number is [protected]. The receipt for this purchase is attached and labeled as Purchase 1.

A couple of days later, in another city, I again stopped at a Zales store and found a more expensive ring that I liked better. This was on September 3, 2009. That receipt is attached labled as Purchase 2. I returned the ring that I purchased on 8/30 and put the more expensive ring on my account.

On Purchase 2 receipt it clearly shows a total purchase of $658.10. This is for the 2nd ring with the discounts, protection plan and tax. The receipt then shows a Total Return (which was the ring that he purchased on 8/30 and returned) of $175.28. This brought my Net amount due to $482.82.

My Zales statement shows a Balance of $658.10. This account had a zero balance previous to these two transactions. That balance of 658.10 is the Total Purchase prices on Receipt 2 BEFORE the return of $175.28. The statement then goes on to show both purchases. You will notice for the first purchase that it shows Previous Balance of $175.28, then Payments & Credits of -$175.28 and ends with Plan Balance of $175.28.

Zales uses Citicorp for their accounts. They have charged me for both rings and will not refund me for the return. I can't speak to anyone at Zales but instead they refer me to Citicorp. Citicorp receives all of the information that I have provided to you in the attachment and continues to tell me that they did credit me for the $175.28. I actually get very rude customer service from them because they are acting like I have stolen a ring from them. They keep sending me the copy of the receipt from the first purchase showing the initial ring purchase as if to say that I bought the ring, why am I now asking for the money back. Then they tell me that they did credit the money.

I have already paid off this statement in full in the amount of $658.10. Zales owes me a refund of $175.28 and I don't want it in a store credit because I will never purchase from them again because of this incident.

I, Dion Alston, with Zales account #[protected] give you full premission without restriction and no liability to contact Citicorp and/or Zales to assist in rectifiying this matter for me.

My address is: 1618 Bradmere Lane, Lithia Springs, GA 30122. My phone number is [protected] or you can call my wife at [protected].

PS. My wife loved the ring that I gave her. (She never saw the first ring) After a couple of months however, one of the small diamond stones fell out of the ring. She took the ring to the Zales store near where we leave to send it off for repair. I can't express to you enough how much trouble she had even in this instance. The ring was sent back with a grayish, smaller diamond that didn't match the other diamonds in the set. When my wife pointed this out to the sales lady (Betty at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, GA), the lady snatched the paperwork that my wife had from her hand, displeased that she was going to have to send the ring back off for a seond repair. The reason why the ring came back with an incorrect stone, was that this sales lady had sent the ring in with the information from the receipt for the first ring that I purchased and returned.

My wife now has her ring and it looks good, but the fight that we have been through and are still going through has deminished the sentimental value that the anniversary ring should have had.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Dion B. Alston

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  • Ml
      Jul 20, 2010

    Dion, I sure hope you closed that account of yours before you plastered it on the net. I would like to help. I used to work for a retail credit card company. if you can post your email, i can email you. thanks.

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  • Ml
      Jul 20, 2010

    I think my comment didnt come thru earlier. i'm upset. Dion, when you returned the 1st ring, was there a seperate salescheck# for the return? if not, then you are not due any credit. a lot of times the sales clerk is lazy and will do 2 transactions into one. they should have returned the first ring by itself, and then rung the 2nd ring by itself. you had mentioned that they only charged you the "NET" difference of 482.82. the total ring is 658.10. unless you paid 175.28, then you do owe the credit card company 175.28. they just added the first ring and then difference between the two ring 482.82 to get total of $685.10. make sense? at the end you should have paid out of cash to the credit card company 658.10. and not 482.82 b/c the ring is worth 658.10 not 482.82. make sense?

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