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Zain Billing Fraud

Beware of falling for Zain promotions in KSA !!!

Took the courage to switch to Zain mobile operator from STC after 10 years of cell phone usage in order to avail of LTE network and better promotions. However, discovered the following which will never be mentioned to you in writing or contracts:

1) Data usage meter is rounded to the nearest Megabyte for every session used for Mazaya postpaid packages and possibly others. Included plan data will be wasted quickly if usage behavior is short frequent online access rather than long uninterruted access. For my own usage, I was over the 1 GB allotment by day 21 and was billed for 413 MB data overage even though cellphone data meter reported usage of 391 MB in a period of 2 months.

2) No way to check data usage via commands, or Zain app or My Zain website. Invoice shows unbilled amounts in total and now way to tell how much of that isfor data except by calling 959 and inquiring about data usage.

3) Roaming is disabled by default and cannot be self-activated either via app or online. Calling 959 willl enable voice and SMS roaming only. For data roaming you have to stop by Zain office and put down SR 1500 deposit which cannot be refunded later and only applied to your line as a payment credit (which is itself is non-refundable). No guarantee roaming will be enabled either.

4) Credit limit is very low initially (SR 200) and cannot be raised to anything above your last 3-month bill average.

5) Purchased packages can not be cancelled by user and must submit complaint, which does not lead to anything. When submitting complaints ticket will always be closed shortly saying your issue has been resolved. But its not. They simply close it saying they tried to contact you without answer, If you try to reopen the ticket, you will get message "ticket does not exist". If you submit a new ticket, same process,

6) Data SIM cards are not rechargeable, no matter what they tell you.

Please consider paying a few SR extra and use a sane service provider such as STC or Mobily. I moved to Zain believeing that I was going to save but I lost more amoney and as of this writing they owe me SR 1734.01 for my deposit and wrong billing which I can never recover !! T-Mobile/Vodaphone used to be their partner in providing roaming for visitors to Saudi now they cancelled contract for obvious reasons.

Beware !!

Aug 12, 2014

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