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Youtube / inappropriate adverts before & during videos

1 United Kingdom

To whom it may concern

My husband and I use You Tube a lot for our 3 year old twins using our Smart TVs. There are some fantastic videos on there aimed at young children and YouTube has this great function where it creates a play list of videos similar to that of the original selected.

However, on numerous occssions quite inappropriate adverts are played before hand or even during the videos sometimes. I have no objections to adverts playing but the content should be appropriate to the age the videos themselves are related to.

An example was yesterday while my girls were watching 'Toy Jelly' which are very innocent videos aimed at pre-school. The advert which preceeded it was a trailer for the film 'Annabelle Creation' a horror film with a 15 certificate. Luckily I was able to skip it before any scary content was shown but I could well have been out the room running the bath which is a very common occurance.

Does Youtube really think this is appropriate? Surely if Youtube can select appropriate videos to automatically play in relation to the original video, surely you can do the same with adverts.

I would appreciate some action on this and feedback on this please.

Thank you and kind regards

Alexis Conti

Aug 13, 2017

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