YMCAunauthorized credit charges - threatened with retaliation

On 1/30/17at 8:36 pm. I called the Alameda YMCA. A Mrs. Jill Johnson answered the phone. I asked her if the rates at the YMCA had increased. She asked me for my name and I told her it was Jose Maldonado. She stated my address as 2601 Nuestra Castillo Ct. #1201 San Jose California. I told her that was the wrong apartment number. She said, “Oh I've been on my 13th hour and yes that's what I meant". She then asked me what she could do to help me. I told her that I noticed that my rates had increased and I was not aware of the increase. She stated that letters were sent out in November last year. I told her that my account was just reactivated around November and I was told that my account would be $69 for another year. She said, “Yes you have the financial assistance rate”. Well I have thrown out my W-2's. Can you believe that? I said, “Excuse me”. After her mocking response I told her, “You know what then I just want to cancel my membership”. She replied, “Well you're not the primary account holder Jessica is”. (My wife). I said, “No problem I can get her”. I called my wife Jessica and put the phone on speaker. Jessica said hello and told the lady on the phone Jill Johnson that she wanted to cancel her membership. Mrs. Johnson said, “Well you have to send me an email if you want to cancel your account. Grab something to write with. Jessica said, “Ok give me a minute I'm going to get a pen”. There was no response. Jessica got a pen in approximately 10 seconds and asked for Mrs. Johnson email.
Mrs. Johnson spelled out her email. Jill.[protected] Jessica read the email back to Mrs. Johnson. Jessica then asked why she didn't receive a notice of some kind. Mrs. Johnson repeated her earlier statement, “Well I've thrown away my W-2's before”, as she laughed on the phone. I walked over to the phone and asked, “I don't see why you have to keep repeating that as if it means that we received the letter and were lying. You already told me it was the wrong apartment”. She mumbled something I couldn't make out I said, “What”? She replied, “I'm not going to argue”. I said, “I said no one is arguing. I want the account cancelled and I want to be reimbursed for the rest of the balance”. Mrs. Johnson stated, “I'm not going to do that.” Jessica said, “Cancel my account”. Mrs. Johnson stated after a pause over 7 seconds, “You know if you cancel your account now and if you try to reinstate it at a later date you will not get the financial aid discount”. I told her, “Don't worry we won't be coming back”. Mrs. Johnson rudely hung up the phone.

End of conversation……..

I have attached my email to Jill Johnson notifying her of my family membership cancellation on 1/30/17. In closing never in my life would I have thought to be spoken to in the despicable way that I was spoken to today. As a youngster I have always admired the YMCA and than later as a Veteran. This is not the first time I have had an issue with unprofessional discriminatory staff at this location. I do hope you look into this matter. Thank you.
Jessica Maldonado/Jose Maldonado

Jan 31, 2017

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