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Today, we advised Louisa Williamson (supposedly the exec. dir. of Rauner)about the young female fondling and kissing in front of the floor length window at the Y where the staff who witnessed it turned a blind eye and swore they did not see it, although we watched them watch the event. But, Ms. Williamson, seemingly, is not empowered to act in any corrective capacity or counsel young errant females (particulalry in Chicago where blacks, like Ms. Williamson) are never comfortable admonishing non-blacks or, in this instance, a Hispanic) about appropriate public behavior, because my concern was shrugged off. This is the Y, and I would appreciate it if there were more of a level of decorum set for these young people. They are an affront to public decency.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILI mean, must we watch them engage in sex, and ignore their deviance because the personnel at the Y here find this normative? I guess this is the social foundation for their procreating a nation within this nation for their own social group. It is not for me, I find it a challenge to a sense of modesty for anyone who is civilized to endure post-pubescent level pornographic conduct. Who wants to see this? Not me, and not watching them. Perhaps, this is where we, as a society, are at: We are employing people whose social standards are as remiss as those of the adolescents and young adults over whom they are charged with being role models and good examples. I guess this is the appropriate setting (Rauner Y) for in-group indiscretions among the budding, post-pubescent Hispanics who have nothing else to do with their time, except rehearse procreating. What about the Y setting higher standards of self-development? And what about taking this behavior home where it belongs? Do these people even have a membership?

May 15, 2017
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      Jul 18, 2017

    Maybe Williamson was uninterested in helping you because she knew the root of your issue was bigoted in such a fashion that entertaining your complaints would be on par with encouraging your own indiscretions. You said it yourself--you do not have to watch. From what sexless dystopia do you hail from in which young people are not are not interested in engaging physically with one another?

    If these kids were white, would you even be here? You seem very concerned with Williamson's race and what that means for her even though you could not possibly be privy to her relationship with her own race. You are making unfounded assumptions which is not helping your complaint.

    My suggestion for you is to stay home, steer clear of the Internet, and avoid most popular media for the time being. After all, the blacks and Hispanics can only bother you from home if you invite them. It is one thing to be sex-averse and quite another to be so unapologetically misogynistic, bigoted, and interested in passing judgment on those around you.

    Interested in modesty? Good for you--practice it yourself instead of trying to force others into agreeance.

    As an aside, if you're trying to argue that sex is exclusive to the purposes for procreation, I pity you, if you think some kids kissing each other is akin to sex, I pity you. Again, if you don't want to see people being people, do us all a favor and stay home.

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