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Yes Loans / 3 months for a refund

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Yes Loans
I applied for a loan with Yes on 5/11/08, however after being duped into paying a fee of £59.50 over the phone, without explanation of the fee I decided to withdraw my application. I telephoned the company on 11/11/08 advising them that I no longer wished to proceed, to be told that that I would need to send back an unsigned copy of my application with a letter of explanation. I did this immediatedly, however I still had not received a refund by 23/12/08. I telephoned the company to be told that they had not received the application form and I would need to return another one. This meant I would need to wait for them to send out a further form, so that I could send it back. I did so on 28/12/08 via recorded deliver, asking for my refund by 16/1/09.
On 23/01/09 I telephoned the company asking if they had received my returned from they confrimed they had received it on 9/01/09, when the post office records confirm it had been received 29/12/08. Thus far I have now been advised that they will refund me my money but it will take 28 days as they will raise a cheque.
Be aware YES loans is not a reputable company avoid them at all costs!!!


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N  23rd of Jan, 2009 by 
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funny you should say that, the same is also happening to me here in Harrogate.been nearly 4 months now & still no refund.
N  24th of Jan, 2009 by 
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same thing happened to me their 28 days was up beggining of December and I'm still waiting, when you call them they just say shortly and that they apologise. They blamed the 'Christmas Rush' for mine being delayed!
its all crap because i should imagine they are cheques with the signature printed!!
A  25th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i have been waiting 3 months for my 59 quid refund, the excuse now is that its the credit crunch and they do not have enough staff to man the phones in that department, what a joke, i am getting so frustrated with them, anybody no who i could go to about this as i am sick of waiting 40 mins on the phone u can emailk me at ykate1963@hotmail.com thankyou
A  25th of Feb, 2009 by 
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yesloans are really bad at customer care and i am still waiting after 3 months to get my 59 quid back any help u no off would be greatfull
N  28th of Feb, 2009 by 
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they took my money without autherization so iv complained to the office of fair trading waiting to hear from them
A  18th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I think its out of order they can do this, i ave fallen into the same trap, they ave took money out of my account, didnt tell me about a fee, and ive gone overdrawn on my account, unemployed, not had no money for my gas or electric, no heating on all weekend.
not happy at all. its disgusting
A  30th of Jun, 2011 by 
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I can add a lot more starting 2009 I recieved a phone tex informing me
I could get my credit card declaired unenforcable and could say ta ta to a debt of £3500 Oh! al av some of that, after a charge of £800 an increase in the debt of £2000 over 12mths I was informed the debt was
indeed enforcable and I would have to pay it Note at this point the name
of the company was Benificial Claims bear with me and all will become
clear I was devastated not to worry say Ben Claims we will sort that out
have you any more debt we will arrange a debt management plan for
you and whats more we wont charge for setting it up, Ok lets go down
that road They did indeed set this up NOTE again the company was
called MONEYWORRIES no complaints there except they were charging £25 per mth for a plan that will take ten years to complete,
there is a link shortly, during a time of being stuck for cash I needed
to pay my council tax so browsing on line I come across YES LOANS
no credit checks (condition of debt manage you do not take on any more
credit) desperate men take desperate mearures so I went through the
form filling and the introductory phone contact at which point I was
told all I needed to qualify was a current bank account and full time
employment, like an idiot, I provided them with my bank details, at
no point did they inform me a fee was to be taken i.e.£70 or that they
were only a broker after finding out, when they sent me the forms to sign, the address of Yes Loans I discover the link and realise I cant use them. I returned the forms unsigned with a letter requesting my money
back.I rang them after a week (17 June 2011) informing them I was
not allowed further credit and could I have the money returned to my
account using the same bank details, I was told no forms or letter had been received and it couldnt be done any way because bank info was not retained even though it states in the conditions that it clearly is.
Now the interesting bit Beneficial Claims (no longer exists under that
name) address WILLIAM BROWN CLOSE Llantarnam Park Cwmbran
Cwmbran YESLOANS address you guessed it need I SAY MORE
I will be forming all info I can about this address and presenting it to my
MP and the finantial ombudsman though no doubt they will be within the law

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