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i am among hundreds of people who have believed yes loans that they have been accepted for a loan and paid a £49.00 fee for the privalage , please do not fall in to this trap , there is no loan , you have been conned out of your fees , desparate people believe con men , yes loan is a scam beware


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Sep 17, 2010 9:24 am EDT

There is a facebook page called 'Say no to Yes loans', check it out

Sep 03, 2010 5:13 am EDT

took 69 pound out ov my account when wasnt atthorised two do so

May 20, 2010 4:17 am EDT
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Me and my boyfriend has just got our own place together and needed a loan for our holliday and pay off bills we never get to do anything nice together as we are always paying out. So i saw yes loans and applyed for a £3000.00 loan over 4 years the man who rang me to do my application was great to talk to how stupid was i :(
He said on the phone within 10 minutes my loan had been accepted and they had a loan waiting for me a few days later i reiceved the forms in the post i had to complete and forward back in a pre paid envolope.
All seemed great at first until the fee of £69.50 came out of my account and i kept on ringing and being put on hold after 10 minutes on hold the line was dead, ive emailed yet no reply i even recieved a text message from a loan company called loan and go saying my loan had been accepted please call the nuber provided so i did and they never even heard of me, told them yes loans must have sent them my details that when they told me they are a big fraud and to cancel everything with them, well ive tryed but yet again iam on hold on 0845 numbers all the time i just don't no what to do.

Jun 29, 2010 9:35 am EDT
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I was looking into getting a small loan and was told by them that I had been approved but they needed to take a fee of £69 in order for it to proceed. I asked them many times if i was actually approved and they said yes. They took my bank details but before the due date for the fee I rang to cancel the application, they said it was too late but not to worry as I would get the money back, over a month went by & was constantly calling them from my mobile trying to get through to a human being, I was on for over an hour at times & when I eventually would get through to someone they would put me through to another queue. I have also written to them 3 times. I have had calls from companies who work on their behalf who have nothing to do with loans, they are people working for companies offering refunds on bank charges! I am totally frustrated as I cant seem to get through to a human being on their numbers and now it is over 2 months and I still dont have my money back. Can anyone advise me how to get the money back, do you have a different number from the 0844 one or do you have a fax number?

Jul 27, 2010 6:56 am EDT
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I applied for unsecured loan with Yes Loans and paid up front fee of £69.50. papers duly arrived and were filled out and returned. That was 6 weeks ago and no repsonse except a call last week from Yes Loans to check if I was happy with their servcie. Afetr explaining I had received no reposne from them they p[ut me on hold for 15 minutes and then cut the call. Subsequent attempts to call them result in a voice message telling me that they cannot take my call and then cuts off.

Yes Loans are a fraudulent outfit offering loan scams. Contact them at your peril!

Aug 25, 2010 8:23 am EDT
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I worked for Yes Loans for a while and I quit becuase I couldn't live with myself if I kept conning people.
The answers they give you to your questions are on the screen for them to read back to you.
I also found that when someone called and wanted to speak to a supervisor 9 times out of 10 the supervisor would tell us to say that they are not there!
When they say they will remove your details they just put your information back to the bottom of the list! So you will be called again.
The address for YES LOANS is:
William Brown Close

When I worked there I discovered that the business is owned by Keith Chorlton but it is not in his name because he is not allowed to own a business. He got in trouble for selling tap water as expensive mineral water and cheap wine as expensive wine!!/profile.php?id=1327669489&r
this is his son who is acting 'boss'

Jul 05, 2010 6:19 am EDT

Take them to the small claims court I have just had exactly the same problem as you and have just wrote to them informing them if no refund in 28 days i will pusue it through the courts. It costs about 338 I think but on winning your case Yes loans will have to pay court costs as well, plus they will have a CCJ against them, thats assuming they haven't already got loads of them.

Jun 17, 2010 8:20 am EDT
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Yes loan had stolen£69.50pence from me and my partner and we would like our money back. Yesloan is a professional in stealing vulnerable people in need money, Yesloan need to repay people back their money and the site need SHUTTING DOWN.

Jun 04, 2010 8:24 am EDT
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they are again ignoring me i have sent them 2 letters and not a word back

Mar 21, 2010 5:25 am EDT

also be careful they are looking for bank details and personal information a lot, that is wrong they hold a lot of you, to avoid fraud it is best need to talk to your bank and explain so that you get another card as soon as possible, otherwise you end up with nothing.

Mar 21, 2010 5:20 am EDT

I was also shocked when i read the reviews that there was no single positive review from their clients that is really shocking, and i never expected anything from them and had to accept i lost £69 for nothing.

Mar 21, 2010 5:13 am EDT

There is a regulation now regarding taking an up front fees from consumers who are looking for loans, yes loan did to me back 4 years ago, and did it again a week ago. after they took an upfront fee, i realised that i was not going to get the loan they promise to provide me with. i was very furious and told the person that you took my money off me and now what? for nothing. and you think thats ok? after complaining the woman put me on hold for sometimes and put me through to the next person, and next person was on about debt management. and i explain to the person that am very capable of taking care of my finance i did ask for a loan not any other services. all they should say is yes or no.

For many people like me it is important to understand that there is a regulation that prevent companies like yes loan to take an upfront fees, they need to provide you with the loan look a lender for you and then you can pay them.

for more information about the regulation go to this link;

Yes Loan are wrong and they know that and also are continue to do so

Mar 01, 2010 11:05 am EST

you must know that yes loans is run by a massive criminal of fraud. he has done time in prison and then payed his way to getting back into conning the public with the money he stole before . you really can be untouchable if you have enough to line someone elses pockets . i would give up !

Feb 03, 2010 11:00 am EST

i am a 24 yr old male living by myself and wanted to take a loan out for covering some bills i have recently be mad redundant. i have tried my hand at a few loan companys and failed, however on the 03-02-10 at 4.30 pm i got a call from yes loans to enquire about a prevoius loan enquire and by this time i had given up in finding a loan in total. i answered the call a nice lady answer and told me my loan application was ready to go through and would i be able to answer some questions which of course i did then i remarked that i had tried many other loan companys and fail why would yes loans offer me the loan that others wouldn't. she told me my applicantion percentage was 92% and then said would i go along with it, i agreed and told her i would not be paying an upfront fee at all if i had to i would hang up, she told me to wait and go through the application and see if i did, i then told her that i been made redundant she told me thats fine they deal with that all the time?... yeah bull ###! i was then passed on to a nother person and i told him the same that i don't think i would beable to get a loan i tried explainin and the ### hung up on me?

i am very appalled by yes loans and will be telling my family and friends to stay away,
yes loans are ment to be a big respectable company but all they are is a con i tell everyone to stay away!

Jul 24, 2009 5:05 am EDT

never knew this before falling for the same scam and the shame its the system allow this to carry on, a no regulated body for something like this. got in touch with consumer direct and the office of fair trading was to help me deal with the issue did not hear from them what a shame.

Jul 04, 2009 9:57 am EDT
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If anyone is trying to call yes loans use this number [protected] its free from a BT landline.

Jul 03, 2009 4:05 pm EDT

I myself has been conned(i think) by Yesloans.They phoned me and been told that i can get a loan even if i have low credit score but i apparently need to pay £69.00 as admin fee so they asked for my bank details which i gave assuming that ill get the loan.The lady said the amount wont be taken from my account til they get all the papers back filled in and signed.I told her i dont have the money and she asked when can i be able i said on certain date but i told her to ring me first.Comes the certain date checked my bank account £69.00 was gone taken by Yesloans.Rang my bank they said theres nothing they can do to claim it back since i gave all my details confirming that i agred with yesloans.Rang Yesloans and i was passed to a rude man who told me send a letter of cancellation and then haned up on me.Sent a letter(recorded)recieved by the on the 5thof June09 until now they have not responded. rang them yesterday i was told they recieved the letter and have cancelled my application then they transferred me to a department that proccess the refund but never got through.Phoned them again ive been told by this lady to try next day as they are having line problems.Rang them again next day line was engaged waited for 10mins or so but no luck.

Jun 30, 2009 4:33 pm EDT
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I have been waiting since november 2008 to nget my fee back and the most stupid bit is that i sent the fee with the application even tho they had recived the money they still tokk the fee again from my bank card so they have taken 2 lots of admin fee's from me and i have still not revied one back. yes loans is a joke of a company. And from what i have read on the internet i dont understand why they have not been closed down.
They must be breacking so many laws, to be fair forget the laws the people in charge that govern company like this should take a look on the net and see whats going on and actually pull there fingers out and do something about it.

Like i said they took 2 admin payment from me for the same loan and that was back in november 2008, its now june 09 and its beyond a joke, i have no idea how much money i have spent calling them but i know for a fact by now its more than i will get back, if i ever get anything back that is.

Dec 04, 2008 4:05 am EST

I was researching loans on the internet via a multi search site, this was just to see what kind of loans were out there and what interest rates were like...

Because of this, I got a letter for £49.00 fee from YES Loans, I have not paid them a penny and they keep sending me nasty letters...

Now because of this they are sending my details to other loan companies, they call their "sister sites" I am receiving letters and TXT messages harrasing me for loans.

YES Loans are a disgracefull and illegal company.

Nov 03, 2008 11:05 am EST


Oct 30, 2008 11:38 am EDT

I have just got off the phone to Yes loans. I applied online for a loan for £3000, and within 2 minutes of submitting my information I received a text message stating that my loan application had been accepted on principle?! I was prompted to call an 0845 number which I did and was greeted and dealt with by a very overhappy fast talking welsh guy who seemed more interested in how my day was going than my loan application. I proceeded to give further details until it reached the point where he asked me for £59.50 as a processing or admin fee! I told him I didn't have the money there and then to give him and he passed me to an equally overhappy even faster talking guy whos first question to me was am i registered with a dentist! I didn't have a clue what he was talking about and he then continued to rant on about health care and other crap until i cut him short and told him all i wanted was my loan! He seemed quite offended by this and promptly ended the call. I then started to research Yes loans and discovered a lot of people were saying it was a scam. I called them back and told them I wanted all my data removed and my loan cancelled and was told I have to write in to do this. I will do that asap and let you all know what this space!

Oct 13, 2008 12:03 pm EDT

Hi, im in war with yes loans, they havent refunded my money back, it 2 months now. Im no fool, I have taken action against them. Please do so, THE MORE WE ALL DO THIS THE BETTER. Go to

and put a claim in, you will be charged £25 court fee BUT, this will be added in your claim which you will get it back. Dont forget to add provable phone bills and any postage costs in your claim. And then go to this website and fill in a complaint form and send it off too.

Please do it! We have to, Yes Loans are taking the piss outta vulnerable and poor people looking for some money to improve their lives.

Oct 12, 2008 12:24 pm EDT

Unfortunately I work for yes loans and I have been with them for almost 4 weeks now. I agree with everyone on here who says they're criminals. I'm not reall interested in the job, but they were the only people who have given me a job as the South Wales Fire Service have fobbed me off even though I'm ex-armed forces and was with the welsh guards for four years. As some of you know, Yes Loans is a broker and not a loan lender and Welcome Finance is the loan lender and the only one they deal with. I've recently found out that the hierarchy dont even treat the staff very well even if you can't make it for work and have to phone in sick. I was told that they take away your best days wage off you if you phone in sick, which is totally illegal. No-one is allowed to take any sort of wage off you at all. But just to let you all know, they do refund you your application fee but it is only £54.50. They keep £5.00 of the fee after they refund your admin fee. The problem is it does take a while for the refund to get back to you and its either sent by check or direct debit. So I'm really sorry for all you people who have applied for loans with this theiving company and I hope you get things sorted as soon as possible. As someone previously said before threaten them with legal action if you fell unsatisfied.

Oct 11, 2008 6:15 am EDT

Yes loans ripped me off, saying i was accepted for a loan and they would put the money into my bank account after signing the papers they send to you. This never happens they lie to you and take your £50.00 this happened a year ago.

And a friend of mine recently applied for one without knowing what kind of fraud company they are, she got accepted and the same was said to her she has now lost the money and has no loan like they said she had. She is trying to get her money back but this is very hard to get back. And i never got mine back after constant calling being put on hold and then to be hung up on. And having to go thought it all again.

Yes Loans con people out of money and after a year i can not belive they are still doing this, why are they not shut down. They are thiefs and stealing from people who are desperate for a loan im very upset they can get away with this and i wish someone would shut the company down. So no one else has to go thought with this.

Oct 04, 2008 11:55 am EDT

Hello ALL,
I am still in the same predicament as you all and wish to help you if at all I can.
I just don’t want anyone else to get scammed and above all I just want this company to stop behaving as they are.
Yes I requested the loan and yes I accepted their conditions plus paid the fee, but surely if you are told you would get a fee back you should get it back – especially if they cannot find you a loan!

Anyways thats my rant over with ... I would highly recommend going to the following link and emailing Yorkshire-lad400 who has very good advice on what to do.
Wish you all the best

Sep 21, 2008 12:59 am EDT

I unfortuately work for Yes Loans and I dread going into work - it is true what everyones says on here - the sales scripts are so well written that it boarders 'fraudulent' and you are conned... There is no nice way of putting it. Yes Loans claims to deal with 50, 000 applications a month and accept 93% as clients - trust me, only about 3% actually get a loan - there is no panel of lenders, only - Welcome Finance and first for credit... the other lenders won't do business with YES any longer.

If you want to get your MONEY BACK - threaten them with legal action and say that you are going to go to the press, ombudsman and also seek legal advise - they tend to act quicker. There is no Refund Department - you only get transfered to the debt management people (money worries)... that is why you are on hold for so long as everyone is transfer to them eventually... and they don't have the man power to deal with it...

Managers and Supervisors are gutless and won't come onto the phones for anything or anyone - they expect the floor agents to deal with the calls and tell us to 'fob' the clients of with the usual rubbish (no managers/supervisors available) the law states that there must be one on the floor at all times...

My final advise - DON'T DEAL WITH YES LOANS.

Sep 15, 2008 4:16 am EDT

this company is rubbish. i applied for a loan a couple of days ago and paid my amin fee i then decided to cancell my offer and was told that my money would be refunded straight away! i have phoned up the company numerous times (at my expense) only to be fobbed off and had to wait for at least half an hour each time i called. i am just about to complain to watchdog about this. i suggest everybody else does the same. THEY ARE ###!

Sep 03, 2008 9:54 am EDT

my partner i applied for a loan but failed to tell us bout the fee of £59.50 so we cancelled it but stiil took the money out of her account anyway, trying to get it back some how! of all the money they have taken of people they must be minted they cant keep doing this to people

Aug 30, 2008 1:59 am EDT

I have just applied with yes loans and have only just found these reviews... i feel sick to my stomach. I havent paid the fee as i explained i didnt get paid until Monday I am now worried that they'll continue to try taking it. ive tried calling them back but no answer... :o(

Aug 28, 2008 10:32 am EDT

i wish to have a refund as i no longer need the loan and im feed up with spending 45mins on the phone all the time at my cost. ive emailed you twice and still no refund, please can we get this sorted. regards glenn hale

Jul 19, 2008 8:58 am EDT

hi i am just in the proces of been ripped off by yes loans they sent me a congratulations letter took my admin charge now i cant get through to anyone on hold all the time i am sooooo gutted wish i had read this forum 2 weeks ago i am emailing watchdog with my story we should all do the same then maybe this so called company will be closed down...

Jun 25, 2008 4:00 am EDT

p.s i did get my cash back after 3 weeks. but you need to hassle them.

Jun 25, 2008 3:57 am EDT

[email protected], [email protected]
these are two emails that you should use to email them, in the email tell them that you have contacted your local mp, to find out who he is go on to the local gov site. also tell them you are giving them 7 days to pay you then you are taking them to a small claims court to recover the oney plus costs plus intrest. tell them youve sent a copy of email to your mp etc. email a few times and you should get the money back.

good luck

Jun 17, 2008 10:48 am EDT

hi guys is there any body here who knows how we can take yes loans to cort would any body back me as i got aproved of my loan to and payd the fee and i cant get the money back from them every time i phone them they transfer me to another number and it never works no one ever picks up i have sat on the phone for 2 hours with no answer pls help pls

Jun 14, 2008 3:54 am EDT

hi got conned a week ago.
to the person who talks about reading terms and conditions, there is nothing on the website which tell t=you they are a broker. it just describes them as a loan company.

since paying my fee i have mailed my mp Mick Gibb, contacted watch dog and wote to money mail (daily mail.).

if everyone gets intouch with their mps, the papers and watch dog, someone will have to do something... you can contact watchdog via the internet.

its about time this scummy company was brought to justice. they cheeky gets done even reply to fax's and emails

Jun 13, 2008 3:20 pm EDT

Oh my god, I cant believe i am reading this. I have just spoke to Yes loans today and paid my "£59 admin fee" after she told my "CONGATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!" I am furious, my somach is turning. How can they get away with that!? I said to the agent on the phone - "If I pay the fee, will I get my loan?". Her answer was "If all the information you have gave me is correct, the Yes you will get the loan" So basically she was lying through her back teeth! Surely they must lend some people out of the millions that apply?! OMG, I'm Guttd :(

May 12, 2008 12:44 pm EDT

ok u guys must be dumb if u read ur terms and condidtions then it all states in there that they are not the loan company but act as a broker wat they are doing is totalli legal as there wording is within guide lines so advice to you shmoo's read ur all terms and conditions before signin any agreements!

May 08, 2008 12:30 pm EDT

We applied to yes loans and got accepted, we paid the £59.50 fee straight away and got the letters the next day. we found that borrowing £15, ooo would mean paying back £25, 000 so we decided to cancel it. Since then we have spent 10 hours on the phone 9 of which have been on hold the rest is us being passed from person to person no one would give second names no supervisors were available and then when we did get a supervisor they told us we were wrong and put us back on hold!

We have emailed and complained and written and had nothing. The worst bit is they pestered us to do it and got in touch with us and now no one we have spoken to exists and we have to wait 10 more days for our refund. yesterday it was 2 days the day before it was yesterday!

I cant believe this is happening i was looking for someone to complain to like watchdog or something but it seems they have already had that done. Wish we would have watched it more often now!

I will not stop until i received my money back even if it means going to wales myself! They will not and cannot get away with it.


May 01, 2008 10:54 am EDT

My fiance recently applied to Yes Loans and was told he'd been accepted. He had to pay just short of £60 for the administration fee and then had a phone call today (1st May 2008) to say something has changed with his credit report in the past two days, and he can no longer have the loan.

We checked his credit report and nothing has changed so basically its all a load of bull!

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY - do not get a loan from these people. We are contacting our solicitor about it to try and get the admin fee back.

Apr 11, 2008 4:11 am EDT

I starting to apply but realised that it was a bit dodgy so i pulled out and since then all i get are texts to my personal mobile phone from yes loans saying you have been accepted ring this number etc... i have rung them 4 times to cancel everything including the text and still i am receiving the texts!

Going to ring them for the 5th time to kick off about these texts, what a rubbish company, how can companies like these keep ripping people off and get away with it?


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