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Novi, MI, United States

I have been a tenet and a prefab home in old Dutch Farms for one year and Three months. When I moved in, I was told at the trailer I was in was six months old. At the time I moved and I filled out a move -in Home inspection form. I was informed that the repairs would be made as soon as possible. It took nine months for them to make simple repairs. this was after Complaining constantly. One repair that was never done was that my screen door was hung wrong. It wasn't flush to the wall, which allowed air, rain and bugs to come into my unit. When the repair guy did come eight months later he put a partial strip across the top of the door and told me that the screen door was hung wrong and could not be repaired. Also the latch on the screen door would not let the screen door stays closed, and the wind would periodically blow the door open and banging against the wooden rail. So to alleviate this the maintenance person bent the metal part Of the latch on the door to make it stay shut. At times either the screen door would not easily open or not able to close at all. I did not Feel like constantly complaining again for another eight months before that nothing would be really done. Now I just have to put in a complaint, especially after I have been paying a rent increase of $30 since my rent renewal. First of all on 8 October I was in Ohio on my way back from a trip, when my alarm system went off. The police was called and no one got in but when I arrived home I saw that the Frame around the window where the alarm went off was bent and damaged. It clearly look like someone was trying to pry the frame hoping to get in the window. When I told the office staff they act like they didn't believe me. The maintenance guy came out saw it and I'll greet with me. Hey said that it looked like someone was casing my home when my alarm went off. A week later I came home at 12 AM on Monday morning to find out my screen door glass was shattered. Glass was all over the porch and my flower garden. I called maintenance emergency and left a message about this situation. The maintenance man called me back and told me he was in the hospital with pneumonia and that someone will get back with me either that day or the next day. I waited two days and then I went into the office and the staff acted like they didn't know anything about the situation. They sent a maintenance guy to look at The damage to my home. He told me he was just a substitute maintenance person and did not have the equipment to clean up or repair my property. He didn't look at my window and tell me that it look like someone let it try to pry it open and he did also mention that the damage to my door looked like someone had thrown a rock instead of the wind blowing it open. He told me that the regular guy will be back the next day, so I went in and again reported. The guy came out and dry Vacuumed the rest of the glass from my garden patio. He did not try to get the rest of the glass that I couldn't sweep up, off my porch or between the planks of the wood on my porch. I thought that at least they could have cleaned up the damage and put plastic or board up my screen door. This is what I paid my rent before and why I did not buy a unit and am Pay extra to read it. I am not a repair person I am a disable Senior citizen. I really like living in my unit. I like living in this part. But I am not happy with the management at all Anna how they deal with situations like these. I would like a response to this situation immediately. I have pictures of my unit and situation.

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Yes! Communities
Yes! Communities
Yes! Communities
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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Nov 02, 2018

    Thank you for your post. We understand that over a week ago you went into your community office to report your broken screen door at which time maintenance went to your home and cleaned up all of the broken glass. Your replacement screen door is currently on back order, but it has been ordered. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your community management should have your new screen door installed as soon as possible upon its the arrival of the shipment. Should you have any additional concerns please call our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203. Thank You.

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    Thank You, I would like Address a Nother major concern of mine. I would like to know why I get a monthly notice for rent due at the end of each month, when you withdraw my rent payment from my checking account each month. Why wouldn’t you issue me rent do when you know you’re going to get it out of my checking account automatically? I would like to get a receipt instead of a notice for rent due Every month. If you can issue out a notice for rent due, you can certainly issue out a receipt for funds paid to you for that month.

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Nov 05, 2018


    Regardless of if you are signed up for Electronic Fund Transfer, the community will provide you with a statement of your monthly rent due so that you know how much will be withdrawn and so you have the monthly statements for your records. Should you be uninterested in the statements feel free to dispose of them, but the community will continue to deliver statements to all residents regardless of payment method to ensure all residents are aware of their monthly expenses. Have a good day and please feel free to direct any additional questions or concerns to our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203.

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