Yellow Pagescancellation of ad, for apartment rental and ad for pet sitting service no longer available

I own a duplex since 1998, when I need to place an ad I call the local news paper when the apartment is rented I call the local news paper no prolem they cancel.
I also did pet sitting and had an ad in the local news paper.
In january 2017 I received a call from yellow pages extolling the benefits of placing my ads with them instead of local news paper.
Cheaper, larger audience.
Sounded good
They recorded both conversation having me agree to 15.00 plus tax for 12 months also agree to 29.00 plus tax for 12 months
March 1st I rented the apartment. I called the same person I talked to in january to cancel my ad.
She was on vacation so I left a message
Then about 2 weeks later also in march I had to stop pet sitting
Again I called the same person back who was back from vacation
And told her I would be canceling my ad for pet sitting
Now on may I 2017 I received an email from yellow pages stating
I owed 38.99
I called the same person back and asked why
She did not know but said she would look into it
She gave me a customer service number
Well since may I to today may 10, 2017 I have had many different conversations and many different emails with an awful lot of customer complaint departments of yellow pages concerning
Why my cancelation of both my adds in march was not being recognizied. All everyone in that company say.
To bad you have a contract for 12 months so whether you need the add or not we will continue to take 38.99 from may 2017 on for 12 months
They sent me the two conversations I had in january and I listened to what was sayed between me and that first person.
Yes I give my name
Yes I hear her say what the add is for, pet sitting and apartment rental
Yes I hear her say the amount plus tax
Yes I agree for 12 months
But not once to I hear her explain that if I ever rent my apartment I would still be charged
Also not once was it explained to me if I have to stop pet sitting I would still be charged
In one of the recorded messages they sent I do hear very quickly that person mention about terms ect. But no where does she say before you agree you have to read the terms first
I was asked my name told the add bold print the area the cost plus tax and then I was asked to say I agree or not
So I hear myself say yes I agree
If I had known that that person was well aware that I was not given all the details only enough details to make the sell
If I had all the facts explained of course I would not of agreed

May 10, 2017

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