Yatra.comdus ka dum offer scam

I had booked an international ticket by even thouh the price of the ticket was a little bit higher than the price from the airlines webiste keeping in mind their Dus ka dum offer under which they give 10 free tickets for domestic travel.

After a long followup (here long means 100s of minutes & atleast 20 phone calls) the company tells me that the tickets are not available for the dates I want to fly. They want to give me the tickets 3 days before my planned date. I was pretty pissed off.

So just to check he was not fooling around with me, I called them again in 5 min and told them the new dates (the ones for which they had told me that the seats are available) and then they told me that even those dates were not available and told me again the dates for 3 days ahead of my planned new travel dates. So it is a scam and they are not giving any free tickets.

Ultimately all the free tickets are a waste. Beware of and kind of offers from

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